Donald Trump surprised everyone when he pulled off the biggest upset in American political history. Starting even before he won the election, the haters have been loud and vocal in their opposition to Trump. Social media is buzzing with spewed hatred from Hillary Clinton supporters, Bernie Sanders supporters, and many from the Republican Party whose nomination Trump won.

Those who oppose Trump are quite perplexing, to be honest. Possibly fear motivates them to continue to try to overturn the results of the election. More likely it is the fact these dissenters are losing control of a populace that has blindly followed the "poor, pitiful me" rhetoric of the political elite since the 1990s.

Instead of President John F. Kennedy’s quote of "what can I do for my country," "what is in it for me?" has been the slogan of the left.

Trump already making progress

People should just relax and give President-Elect Trump a chance to do the things he has said he could do. Things like bringing jobs back, companies back, and prosperity back. if accomplished, it will, without a doubt fix many of the problems we face as a nation. Trump cannot fix every little thing wrong with our country, no President can. Stopping a continued downward spiral is completely within the realm of reality with Trump as President.

Last week Trump worked out a deal with Carrier to keep jobs here instead of going to Mexico, and that was a good start to the turnaround I expect under a Trump administration.

We have to take small steps along the way to reversing the damage of a tax and spend government that has been out of control the last eight years. Without debate, regardless of who spent what, we are $20 trillion in debt, and that is disastrous for any country's population.

Businessman, not a politician

Trump is not a politician in any sense of the word. Saying what is on his mind while pointing out what is wrong with our government is part of the appeal to Trump’s supporters. Politicians that have come before Trump were horrible at making monetary decisions, inept when it came to realizing the repercussions of their actions, and mostly only serving for personal gain.

Starting with Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, the American people have elected three men in a row who never created one job without the government footing the bill. Donald Trump understands business, having created tens of thousands of jobs. With a complete understanding of making money, not just spending other people’s money, Trump gives every American hope.

Something for everybody

People should just give Trump a chance. If you are poor, give him a chance to give you opportunity. If you are a veteran, give him a chance to make your care better.

If you are looking for opportunity to improve your life, why not give Trump a chance to make that possible? Masa of Japan believes in Trump enough to put a $50 billion investment in this country, creating 50,000 jobs in the next four years.

What our government is currently doing is not working, so why not give someone a chance that has been successful instead of doing the same things and expecting different results? Our country is a huge corporation in reality with over 300 million stockholders, and regardless of personal feelings about his demeanor, Trump has been successful in business.

We all need to give him a chance now that he has been elected President.

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