Barack #Obama's latest interview opens a window into his mindset on the election loss for #Hillary Clinton and the election win for #Donald Trump. All along Obama has blamed outside forces for Hillary's loss to Donald Trump, but now he paints Hillary as someone who was too confident and that over confidence let the election get away from her.

Hillary too confident?

Obama tops this off by blatantly stating if he was running against Donald Trump, he would have won the election. How ironic it is that Obama is suggesting Hillary was too confident then following this up by stating he is confident that he has the ability to beat Trump.

Considering he has no way to back that up with evidence as a two-term president is all the U.S. allows, this is nothing more than Obama building himself up, some might say.

Calling Hillary a loser?

"What an insult to Hillary Clinton saying she's a loser, I'm a winner," said Mike Huckabee while on "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning. He cannot imagine how Hillary can't be livid over Obama's new revelations. What Obama said during this interview was seen as an attempt to build himself up while putting both Hillary and Trump down.

Obama better candidate

"Fox and Friends" live on Tuesday morning had a field day with Obama's interview as he basically suggests he's a better candidate than Hillary Clinton, not to mention what he is saying about Trump. Apparently Obama believes that Trump is moving into the White House because the Democrats did a poor job at picking a candidate.

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While he stresses how much he admires Hillary Clinton during this interview, he is still conveying that he is a better candidate than the woman he claims to admire.


"Fox and Friends" asks a question on Tuesday morning that contradicts one of Obama's statements. Obama had said that if he were the candidate, he would have been able to rally the voters to see things his way. "Fox and Friends" want to know... then why did he lose over 1,000 seats in the House and Senate under his ability to rally the voters? Obama likens Hillary's camp to a sports team who is winning big. He said, "If you think you’re winning, then you have a tendency, just like in sports, maybe to play it safer," reports The Washington Post.

Hillary's rejection not reflection on Obama

Obama spews his true thoughts about the election, Hillary, Trump and the way he sees himself in the scope of the political canvas during this pod cast interview. He claims that Hillary's camp dropped his visions, but if they hadn't then the outcome of the election may have turned out differently.

Hillary's camp had no comments on Obama's comments in this jaw-dropping interview.

As far as Obama's eight years in office goes, they were good and successful, conveys the out-going president. He is adamant that Hillary's loss is in now way a rejection of his administration. He doesn't see his performance in the Oval Office as anything but stellar by the sounds of this interview.

While Obama was given the chance to sound off about the election, the hard questions were avoided during this interview. He wasn't asked to talk about things like why it was that he avoided taking "action to prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Syria," writes The Tampa Bay.

Friendly versions

The Tampa Bay suggests these friendly interviews have become the "hallmark of Obama's presidency." He stays away from the main stream media and has the tendency to grant interviews with friends, comedians and hosts of YouTube shows. This interview falls into that catagory, as the person who interviewed Obama is considered a long-time friend, who is also a former adviser to the president. His name is David Axelrod, who is now a CNN analyst and who conducted this exit interview with Obama for his show, "The Axe Files."