House Democrats learned nothing from Donald Trump being elected President. Nancy Pelosi was re-elected to be the House Minority Leader in what be the worst mistake the Democrats have made since underestimating Trump winning. Democratic voters should take note that the people they have elected do not care about the future, because they cannot let go of the past.

Pelosi will forever be known for carrying a mallet up the steps of the Capital to show a destructive, poorly thought out Affordable Care Act down the throats of Americans. The Democrats could have done better by leaving the position empty rather than re-electing Pelosi.

If absolutely nothing else was learned from Trump’s victory it was obvious that the American people were tired of the status-quo, and Pelosi exemplifies status-quo.

Opportunity missed?

The time was right and the Democrats just missed the opportunity to start rebuilding, instead they choose to squander at least two more years before starting the inevitable. The party has failed the people with the reality being it will change or become a fabled thing of the past. The Republicans have slowly started to accept this is the future of politics due to change being the only real constant in life.

Trump has been busy surrounding himself with a pro-growth group of people. Continually he has reached out to former rivals to listen to the things they have to say. Without even taking office Trump has already shown he is more of a leader than Pelosi ever was. Pelosi never even read the Affordable Care Act before championing its passage, not the action of a real leader.

Drain that swamp, start at the top

The Swamp does need draining in Washington D.C. if we as a people really want to come together as one and improve relations in this country. The current two party system has divided us into sub-groups with sub-group priorities, and that only works for so long. History, not opinion, proves this: divided populations have never been able to sustain or endure the trials of a diverse, changing culture.

The Democrats missed an opportunity, and it will come back to haunt them. Trump will make America better, that has already started just by the financial world reacting before even taking office. Pelosi may have been re-elected as Minority Leader but unless she changes the path they have been on it will only lead to further defeat for Democrats.

Pelosi big part of problem

Pelosi, like Clinton was a large part of what led to Trump and Bernie Sanders' popularity. Washington is a mess, corruption runs deep, and Pelosi has been one of the constants: constantly passing bad laws, wasting tax payer money, and keeping things from getting better because she forgot who she worked for to begin with. Pelosi will eventually leave Washington, but for the Democrats, it will be too late.

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