The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has agreed to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration, which will be attended by only one former president, Jimmy Carter. The choir's performance at the inaugural is drawing the skepticism and anger of many observers because of the deep-seated racist history of the Mormon Church, which was a cornerstone of the church's beliefs until the late 1970's. It appears that the Mormon Church, by virtue of its agreement to perform at the inaugural event, is condoning or at the very least "overlooking," Trump's racist rants during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

David Duke's endorsement

In Trump's racist rants, he called Mexican immigrants to the United States rapists, criminals and murderers, and called for blocking the immigration of Muslim immigrants to the United States.

Trump's racist campaign rants even drew an endorsement by David Duke, the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), which has proven to be embarrassing to the President-elect.

Mormon Church's racist roots

Mormon racism has its roots in the church's belief in "the curse of Cain," which taught that black people are the descendants of Cain, who killed Abel, in the Old Testament. Until 1978, the Mormon Church taught that black people are dark-skinned so they could be identified as the descendants of Cain. Blacks were not allowed to hold leadership roles in the church, either. In 1978, Steven Kimball, and the leadership of the Mormon Church, (the "First Presidency and the Twelve"), overturned the church's racist beliefs. Kimball and his regiment claimed that they had received a "revelation" to the effect that they were to curtail their racist beliefs.

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Black people were allowed to hold leadership roles in the Mormon Church, but only at "separate" churches, or "stakes," as the Mormons call them.

Trump's double-edged sword

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's performance at Trump's inaugural presents a real problem for Trump. By virtue of its appearance at the event, the Mormon Church seems to be condoning Trump's bigotry and racism. And by virtue of Trump's permitting the choir to perform at his inauguration, Trump appears to be condoning the Mormon Church's racist roots; therein lies the double-edged sword that plagues the Trump Inaugural.

Trump's arms race

Meanwhile, Trump recently made statements that seemed to favor the resumption of a nuclear arms race, similar to the one during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Both Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin have stated their intentions to escalate the production of arms, and Trump, who has no military or political experience, has promised that the United States will "outlast" all of its competitors in the arms race. Trump has not specified how he expects to do this, however; nor has he specified how and why he thinks that he can outsmart Putin at his own game.