2016 seems to be a cursed year for the stars, with the loss of so many of our beloved legends and icons. Prince. David Bowie. Mohammed Ali. Carrie Fisher. Yes, it is grim. And after this past week, you couldn't help but start to believe the "Hollywood is cursed" rhetoric. Some fans even went as far as starting GoFundMe campaigns to save beloved celebs, like Betty White. However, when you look over the years, it actually wasn't as cursed as it feels, and the fatalities are not the highest of the past decade.

Since the Thanksgiving holiday, however, the losses have been relentless and we haven't quite had a chance to recover from the shock and sadness before getting more bad news. The good thing is there's only a few more hours left until we start the new year -- so if there is any weird wizardry happening, hopefully the spell will be broken soon.

The celebrity musicians we lost

This was truly a horrible year for our musical heroes. From David Bowie to George Michael, the chord cut was deep. We also said farewell to 13 Grammy award winners, including such legendary names as Leonard Cohen, Glenn Frey and Maurice White.

And then there was Prince. The immense loss felt worldwide when Prince died -- no words. Landmarks around the globe lit the skies purple the night of his death -- a gesture of love, admiration, and grief for the loss of the musical genius.

Final bow for celeb film and television actors

Of course, heavy in our hearts is the loss of "Singin' In the Rain" star Debbie Reynolds and her "Star Wars" rebel princess daughter Carrie Fisher.

We also said goodbye to the original candyman, Willy Wonka, the talented Gene Wilder. In the television category, eight Emmy award winners took their final bow, including funnyman, Gary Shandling. We also lost some of our most beloved TV moms and dads, including Alan Thicke and the lovely Florence Henderson.

Celebrity legends gone too soon

And then there were the Celebrities that were in a league of their own.

We lost one of the first celebrities famous for just being famous. Before the Kardashians were even a whisper on our pouty lips, it was this queen that reigned -- the beautiful and bold, Zsa Zsa Gabor. Perhaps one of the greatest losses of 2016 was a sports hero -- the incomparable Mohammed Ali.

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