Kylie Jenner outdid herself, again. The 19-year-old "Keeping up with the Kardashians" sis printed a juicy calendar of herself in various no-holds-barred and everything bared positions. The most heart-stopping showed the teen pulling her thong down and displaying the goods in a shirt reading "Insert Money Here." The nearly naked image revealed a lot, not the least of which are Kylie's out-sized Barble butt implants. In another pic, Jenner snuggles a giant snake. The 'KUWTK' star did the nearly nude calendar to show off her new Kylie Cosmetics line, but folks were looking everywhere except at her face.

Kylie Jenner sports Barbie hips

Remember the old Barbie dolls before they got a reality makeover? Now, the toys are designed in a more natural, hourglass body shape. But the early ones had hips that flared out like elephant ears. Check out the Kylie Cosmetics calendar photo of Jenner in the thong. Once your heart slows to normal do you notice anything? The buttocks are shaped just like Barbie's with a tiny waist and jutting, shelf-like hips. And you know what that's down to--butt implants.

Plastic surgery fails Kylie Jenner?

Because the youngest daughter of Kris Jenner felt ugly, mom let her get plastic surgery at 17. Actually, mom let her start getting cosmetic surgery. And the Reality TV star ran the gamut for one so young. Jenner's denied rumors of getting butt implants and breast implants. Check out the video and decide for yourself if the notable body changes speak for themselves.

Her hip bones almost appear to have been broken and fused. They turn out like a child's who's had congenital hip dysplasia or a girl who's had silicone sacks surgically sewn in. Are these girls trying to look deformed?

Kylie Jenner goes a shock too far?

The Kardashian sisters seem to be in a reality television competition for most audaciously unreal. Kanye West exits a mental hospital and Kim Kardashian gets strangely robbed.

Khloe Kardashian goes nude (sort of) in body paint. Kylie flaunts her crotch and shares sext messages with boyfriend Tyga. It's like the fashion mavens are going for the world record of breaking the internet. Most of their selfies are too explicit to be shown on some media. But just how far can you go toward outrageous before you come full circle? Will desensitized folks cease to be shocked and start to be bored at some point?

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