President-elect Donald Trump keeps surprising people. There is no way anyone will ever convince me Hillary Clinton did not think she would win. Trump cast her aside like a worn out relic of the Washington swamp he talks of draining. Sixteen others who ran for the Republican nomination are still scratching their collective heads trying to figure out how Trump crushed them along his way to the Presidency.

The world was almost launched into World War III when Trump took a call from the President of Taiwan if you were listening to the mainstream media. China we were told was so insulted that an apology should have been issued.

Trump, on the other hand, felt it would be rude not to take the call, so he did. The war did not start as the media lost focus, transitioning to the next day’s Trump story to twist around.

What is normal in politics?

Nothing about this past election was normal, but normal is always changing into the present, so maybe this is the new normal for elections. One thing is apparent, the left has done a poor job educating the young liberal voters judging by protests staged around the country.

Even some of the older liberals have been acting like spoiled children.

Trump has a monumental task when he takes office, and how he responds early in his term will naturally bring us closer as a nation. Immigration, the economy, the Middle East, China, healthcare, veterans care, and numerous other issues will fill Trump’s agenda from day one.

Personal accolades will assuredly not be coming Trump’s way until after he leaves office, and those seem to have been important to the political candidate, hopefully not a President Trump.

Excel or fail, no other options

President Trump will do one of two things, excel or fail. The left would love to see the failure as they think Trump is everything wrong with the world.

In their eyes Trump will isolate us from our allies as well as enemies, while turning our backs on refugees who are trying to come to America. Nothing would be more crushing to the right than if Trump failed to fulfill his promise to Make America Great Again.

Excelling is more likely for a Trump Presidency as that would follow a lifelong trend for the President-elect. From real estate, to investing, to entertainment, Trump has always been successful with no apparent reason for that to change if he continues to surround himself with good people. History will decide if we end up with of the greatest Presidents ever, or if in four years we will be starting all over again. King or Dunce, with not much in between.

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