Melania Trump, a former supermodel who mostly stayed in the background during the election campaign, has opted out of a big role at The White House at the beginning of The Trump Administration in favor of staying in New York City to raise her son ten-year-old Barron in the environment he is accustomed to with his friends and schoolmates in the city. Some view this as a courageous choice not made by any previous First Lady but one which others should have, perhaps, made for the sake of their children.


But The First Lady has come to play a very important part of any President’s Administration from Mrs.

Obama raising organic produce in The White House garden to emphasize the importance of good nutrition for children, to playing hostess for state dinners.

While she has probably acted as hostess for her husband’s business dinners in New York and at other locations, playing hostess to heads of state at state dinners with hundreds of people is probably not familiar ground for the former model.


While some TV pundits are questioning just what ivanka’s role in the Trump Administration, if any, would be, citing the fact that President Elect Trump has recently announced that his boys would be taking over day-to-day running of the Trump Organization, others think it would be an obvious move for the thirty-five-year-old First Daughter Ivanka to take the place of a First Lady at least until next Summer when Melania may feel more comfortable bringing their son Barron to the high-pressure White House environment.

Ivanka Trump is a graduate of the Wharton School and may have as much or more experience acting as hostess as does Melania.

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner also have children, the oldest being only 5, but, unlike Barron who is old enough to have real friends and a comfortable school environment, the Kushner children are really too young to care much about anything except the presence of their parents and therefore wouldn't be upset by even a radical change of environment.

White House traditions

There are many occasions which over the years have become semi-official events traditionally involving The First Lady and the absence of someone to fill that role could cause a number of problems despite the fact that there is a large staff which is used to dealing with state dinners and other official events.

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