Obama has given the go-ahead today for the USA to further build up its stockpile of weapons and military Vehicles stationed in the Continent of Europe by 1600 new armored vehicles. These vehicles include A1 Abrams Tanks and self-propelled Howitzers. This latest step by Obama to curtail aggression from Russia against Europe poses a very interesting quandary... What aggression?

Russia effective in war on terror

In a week that has seen Russia help Syria to take Aleppo, which has been the only aggression to come from Moscow, we have seen NATO members ramp up the hostility towards the old foe. Turkey has allowed the assassination of a Russian Diplomat on Turkish soil, they are also fighting to take a Syrian army stronghold city north of Aleppo.

Switzerland has openly spoken of preparations for a war with Russia and now The USA is building its stockpile of military hardware up to levels not seen since the cold war. Here's a very serious question.

Are We The Aggressors?

Furthermore, another very fair question must be, is this a move by Barak Obama to lengthen his term in office? Nothing says 'State of Emergency' quite like a World War with Russia. If Putin was to make a single move against the USA or her allies, Obama could legally declare war and push for a State of Emergency, through congress. Then he could hold up Trumps Inauguration indefinitely by claiming to have more experience than Trump.

Is the choice to re-open cold war storage sites an incendiary step too far?

The 1600 Armoured Vehicles are to be stored in the old Cold War storage facilities of the Eyeglshoven village in holland.

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The build-up also includes Bradley fighting vehicles. This incendiary decision from Washington is likely to raise many an eyebrow in the Kremlin as the chosen complex was a training facility for US soldiers to prepare for an invasion of Russia when it was opened in 1985. The re-stocking of the cold war facility is yet another diplomatic faux pas from Obama towards Putin and comes across as another attempt in his drive to undermine Trumps presidency before he even takes office.

Not only is this another insult against Moscow but the $3.4 Billion program which has been fully approved by Congress will see the re-opening of storage sites in Berlin and Poland. This all amounts to a very expensive, 'anything you can do, I can do better.' The plan, which Washington isn't even being quiet about, is to blame this latest in a long line of Diplomatic blunders and hostility against Russia on Vladimir Putin himself. I guess Obama wants to screw up the whole world before he gets evicted from the White House on the 20th of January, we cannot wait. Do you think he's maybe a little bitter?