Yesterday, on Christmas day, the basketball world witnessed an epic battle between the two best teams in the #NBA. The Golden State Warriors looked to redeem themselves from a devastating Finals loss and the Cleveland Cavaliers looked to remind the world that they are still champions. The final score, 108-109, tells you the whole story about an intense and frantic match. The Warriors dominated most of the game, but the Cavaliers deservedly notched the win thanks to their excellent defense down the stretch. Many conclusions can be drawn from this match.

The Cavs are still the champions

The Cavaliers are clearly the best team in the Eastern Conference and will be difficult to beat yet again in the Finals.

We know LeBron James will continue to deliver great performances game after game. However, what makes them ever-more dangerous is that the supporting cast is playing at a high level. Kevin Love is playing his best basketball with the Cavaliers uniform and players like Thompson, Jefferson, and even Liggins are understanding their roles and giving productive minutes to their team.

Irving is their best closer

A special mention has to be given to #Kyrie Irving. Lebron remains the team's best player, there is no doubt about that. However, Irving is proving to be the team's best closer. His 2016 Finals performance was memorable, especially because of his superlative three-pointer in the final minute of Game 7. This year, he has continued to shine in the 4th quarter, for example in the game against the Sixers.

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Yesterday, yet again, he was the chosen one to erase the deficit and seal the victory with a remarkably tough fadeaway jumper over the great defense by Klay Thompson. He did it once again.

The Warriors will be just fine

If I were a Warrior I would not be concerned about yesterday's overall team play. In fact, throughout three quarters and a half, the Warriors showed how scary they can be. They dominated the ball game both defensively and offensively with a great Durant leading the way. They built double-digit leads and had the Cavs against the ropes most of the time thanks to their ever-popular ball movement. The silly turnovers towards the end hurt them in a big way. If they can correct their decision-making in certain moments of their games they will be in good shape. There is no reason to not continue seeing them as the favorites to win it all.

What is wrong with Curry?

The one concern the Warriors should have is called Stephen Curry. It is mind-boggling how a 2-time regular season MVP and probably the best shooter of all-time can disappear once again in a big game.

In the 2015 Finals, he underperformed and was not named Finals MVP although his team won the championship. In the 2016 Finals, he may have been limited physically, but he still did not find a way to shine or make his team shine. Yesterday, he finished with 15 points with a 36.4 field goal percentage. These are poor numbers for an MVP.

Durant has performed as the team's best player so far, so is it time for Curry to adapt to a lesser role? I am not crazy enough to forget and discard the unique talents of such an incredible player. I am sure Curry will reemerge and show the world the amazing things he is capable of once again. What is almost certain is that the Cavaliers and the Warriors will have another NBA Finals rematch, and that this is the best news for basketball fans. #Stephen Curry