During the election campaign and even after President-elect Donald #trump's win, Trump supporters have been branded as racist for wanting our borders strong and our laws enforced. They have also been accused of being sexist for every utterance that a man makes about wanting and enjoying sex from women. This seems odd because most of the music that the left promotes, such as the screech ridden music of Beyonce, Rihanna, and the “b-word” loving Jay-Z, is not only sex-heavy, but hateful to women. Not only that, but two of them on that list get routinely invited to the White House.

Trumps supporters slandered in the media daily

Cries of “homophobia” have been shot toward Trump and his supporters for reasons that no one has yet explained considering that Trump is a cultural leftist in many ways and is rather libertarian in matters regarding sex.

He is the only notable Republican to ever hold a gay pride rainbow on a GOP stage, the only GOP member to bring applause (and then acknowledge the applause with an unscripted “thanks”) for standing up for the rights of gays, and perhaps his biggest supporter was/is a gay Jewish man named Milo who wears ladies pearl bracelets when speaking.

Add this to the fact that Trump works closely with Peter Thiel (gay), his transition team and his spokewoman Katrina Pierson are both female, and Amorosa who is often mentioned as a likely Trump hire is not only female, but black. Ben Carson, also a black man, was offered a post and declined it due to what he saw as his own lack of experience. Lastly, Sarah Palin is also being name-dropped, and she is female. One is hard-pressed to find a white male included at all! (Not that it matters one way or the other.

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What matters is who will do the best job, not the gender, color or sexual choice involved).

Despite all of the lies that have been hurled at Trump and his minions of loyal supporters, unity through purpose prevailed and “The Donald” pulled off a fair victory. That matters because it is confirmed that presidential candidate #Hillary Clinton, who via presidential candidate Jill Stein was insinuating that Trump had cheated or won via some alleged Russian hack that never happened, it was Clinton who cheated Bernie Sanders to get the nomination. On the contrary, there is no indication that Trump had cheated anyone to best the 17 candidates that began on the GOP side and to beat her.

Trump supporters are fighting back

Enter into this mess, Kellogg's. Kellogg's on Tuesday unwisely decided to pull its advertising from news outlet Brietbart because, to quote the company, those on the right are not “aligned with our values as a company.” Kellogg's is accusing more than 45 million monthly viewers of a popular news outlet of being racist, sexist or whatever the lefty catch phrase (lie) is this week.

Rather than disengage from the political spectrum post election as many people assumed Trump supporters to do once he one, they have instead responded by signing a pledge to not buy any Kellogg's cereals, Pop Tarts, etc. The result is a loss of 1.44 percent in just two short days. It seems like the false accusations have at last caught up to Kellogg's.

Moving forward, the left will see that they have, in fact, lost this battle. This boils down to a battle to bring socialism and it's many anti-capitalist ideals to America. The left wants socialism, and the people do NOT. The voters have rejected President Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton and the rest who are trying to the bring the system that killed Venezuela to the United States.

At the same time, there is nothing that cheating can do to help this, which the left is still attempting. There is also nothing racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise harmful about wanting closed borders, good trade agreements, fair wages and an end to the free-speech-killing ideas found in politically correct culture. If the left fails to see this, look for losses much beyond 1.44 percent in the coming months. #Kelloggs