Since #trump was confirmed by the Electoral college earlier this week, widespread panic has hit the urban cities of America. Minorities and immigrants have gone into hiding, as racist attacks are at an all-time high. Calls for the Electoral college to vote against Trump fell on deaf ears. And Trump was confirmed with over 300 electoral votes. As citizens, minorities and immigrants brace for the effects a Trump presidency might have, we've compiled a list of ways for you to deal with the next four years of your lives. Here is a beginners' guide to surviving the imminent Trump presidency.

Civil disobedience

Civil disobedience has been an efficient tool in fighting tyranny and dictatorship.

It was an integral part of the the Civil rights movement. Peaceful protests will consistently keep the spotlight on Trump's actions.

Prepare for the worst

Never in the history of a first world country has a less qualified individual been elected to be a President. Preparing for the worst possible outcome would be an obvious step. We should not be caught by surprise from anything that happens in the next four years

Move to Canada

Sure it's cold over there. They have weird names for their money and watch way too much hockey. But America's northern neighbors could be a safe haven post-January 20th. Canadians have been known to be welcoming and generous people and maybe the last hope for most of us.

Keep canned goods

Like most apocalypse preparations, keeping canned goods is essential. When America eventually gets turned upside down by a Trump presidency, you'll need all the canned goods you can get your hands on, to survive when we all eventually turn into zombies.

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We recommend soup and canned meats, as they tend to have longer expiration periods.

Stay united

A Trump Presidency is more than a fear for liberals. All men, women, and children could be affected by a President who once boasted about sexually assaulting women. The important key is to stay united because a Trump Presidency is not a racial, political or gender issue; it is an American issue

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