The left in America is really an interesting example of nonsense and backward non-logic in action. Only in America is the left so woefully lost as to be funny, if the topic was not of such grand importance. We see the left saying that Donald trump was a terrible person for not accepting the loss if Clinton were to have won only to then riot in the streets and now threaten electors when Clinton has fairly lost. The fact that they are engaging in the exact kind of actions that they would have called for Trump's head for seems utterly lost on these loonies on the left.

It makes a person wonder just what other things the left would like to change.

For instance, a lot of people tend to think that the Cleveland Indians really should have taken that ring in the last World Series. Why stop at politics or Trump? Since we have boneheads on the left wanting a “do over” election (much like the left tried during the Brexit, proving that stupidity is not just an American left phenomenon), why not a “do over” on the baseball field? Hey, it worked in hand ball, and after all, all of us on the right are convinced that that if Clinton had won, the left would have happily allowed a do-over for Trump too, right? Why certainly.

Putin for president?

Then again, it is Cleveland. While the great King James may have managed to break the curse of Cleveland, the Browns are working over time to bring it back, so maybe a Cleveland do over is talking it too far.

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Maybe we should all just join hands and make Jill Stien our leader in place of Trump. After all, anyone who can raise over a million dollars for a recount after getting about 1% of the vote, all based on a disproven notion of Russian hacking with zero proof....well, anyone who can do that may actually just make the economy soar. If not, we can always start the “Department of Snake Oil Salesmen”. We can see it now, Al Gore preaching his dispelled global warming routine while Stein points to pictures of Putin at a terminal hacking the feed! Cue a few polar bears on icebergs, and we got a hit.

Then again, perhaps the left would just like to put to sharia law into practice and get it over with. This would surely anger Putin, which seems to be the only thing that the now warmongering left seems interested in doing. Not only that but since the left see's nothing wrong with accepting millions upon millions of dollars from a nation like Saudi Arabia which butchers women on a daily basis, perhaps this would solve them protesting Trump.

The logic here is that, since the left thinks that Trump hates women because he flirts with them and married a super model, perhaps a good dose of sharia law will keep those women safely locked up inside. That seems to have been the Clinton approach, which considering her email practices, may not be such a bad idea in terms of national security.

The 'Franken/Stein' ticket!

We could always unite to put Bernie Sanders in office even though he did not win, either. At least he was cheated out of it. Putting Bernie Sanders in office even with a loss would be a great idea and go a long way towards warding off future cheaters. Then again, since the GOP were found to have cheated Ron Paul in Iowa and at the GOP Convention in 2012, it only seems fitting that Ron Paul gets at least a VP slot on such a ticket. Imagine it, Sander and Paul; gridlock that at least prevents more harm form being done. That is not actually such a bad slogan, no? Lastly, perhaps we can get Al Franken to run with Jill Stien. The Franken/Stein ticket may really take off among those who seem to think that stealing the earned vote from Donald Trump is a good idea. Their slogan can be “Making America ALIVE, ALIVE again”. Just imagine the lightening bolts! After all, let us remember that Jill's recount did show us one thing....that Donald Trump had almost 160 more votes that they thought he had up north. Spending millions to find out that had to be worth it. Thanks, Jill.