#Christmas is a big holiday, so it would be a good idea for people to take a step back and look at how big it really is. Over 160 different countries celebrate Christmas, but don't all interpret it the same way. With a quick Google search you will likely find many different polls have been taken, and the majority of people seem to agree this holiday has gotten to the point of feeling more like a chore than a day of comfort and joy, but it's not too late to have exactly that as long as we choose to believe that's what it is all about.

Christmas has become increasingly secular and some think that is part of the problem, but is it? Is the lack of religious practice to blame, or maybe the overall choices people have made as a whole that has made it this way? Is the answer to all this as simple as changing one's point of view on how Christmas should be celebrated?

Christmas could be a free holiday

Not everyone who celebrates Christmas is religious or necessarily has/wants anyone to celebrate it with.

Instead of seeing it as Thanksgiving with presents, or a religious practice, what's stopping anyone from promoting the idea of free time in an era where we glorify the idea of being busy in some way? Those fortunate enough to not have to work on Christmas should be able to spend their day in comfort and joy whatever their situation. If people weren't so impatient maybe everyone could have a day off or close to it. Christmas could be a day to do whatever you want or need to end this year and begin the new year as positively as possible. Personal time, family time, time with friends, or simply sleeping to catch up the deficit you've been running from working an insane schedule. Maybe you're fortunate enough to have time for all of the above, present are a pretty sweet deal but that doesn't have be the main focus of Christmas.

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Christmas gifts are not the problem

Although many believe this holiday is heavily commercialized, gifts themselves are not the problem. There's nothing wrong with wishing for something special for Christmas, but people should be brought up to have realistic expectations when asking for a gift. When giving someone a gift the goal is to make them happy; you want them to enjoy their gift and appreciate it. Achieving that is difficult if someone was led to believe they can have whatever they want since Santa has them covered, or you rely on sales or loans to afford gifts you couldn't otherwise. People shouldn't genuinely expect certain gifts simply because they want them, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to buy someone a certain gift either. The idea of moderation could do some good for Christmas in more ways than one. #Holidays