One of the beneficial effects of the coming Trump presidency is the fact that climate change dissidents, many of them eminent scientists, are going to emerge from the closet and make their views heard openly, according to Real Clear Investigations. Contrary to much of the media, the idea that humans are causing the planet to warm and that it is sure to cause a catastrophe unless drastic and painful measures are taken, is not a view universally held in the scientific community.

The Obama administration has been able to tamp down on climate change dissent by using government grants to favor those who held with its view on the warming of the planet. With Trump a climate change skeptic and his administration hiring people of a similar view from the Cabinet level on down, that situation is going to change.

More than funding going to skeptics of climate change, the new administration is likely to embolden scientists of the same frame of mind to speak out more, free of the fear of ostracism.

Climate change debate has often taken on the aspects of religious dogma, pitting believers in the one true faith of global warming against the scientific illiterate heretics who must be made to recant or at least keep silent. The slogan that “the science is settled” is based more on intimidation and not on the weight of evidence.

What this brave new world of climate debate will look like can only be guessed at.

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Donald Trump

Scientists will be allowed to question the assumptions, based on massaged data and computer models, that climate change rests. Others will no doubt agree that human-caused global warming exists but will argue that it will not lead to catastrophe. The idea that it has benefits, such as in expanded growing seasons, will be aired without fear or favor.

To be sure climate change advocates will still make their views known.

But they will have to back up their theories with evidence and will have to deal with dissenting voices with more than just a dismissive wave of the hand. The benefit to science that such a debate will entail is beyond evaluation.

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