At this point everyone is aware of Samsung's recall of the Note 7, and the discontinuation of the note 7 altogether, but it's not over just yet. #Samsung has another chance to bring a top-of-the-line device to the market before consumers begin to look elsewhere for their smart phones. The Galaxy Note 8 is currently in the works and will supposedly begin releasing sometime between August and September 2017. The most common rumor floating around the internet is that the note 8 will have an LG battery, which will give Samsung users a feeling of relief, but there's definitely a wish list Samsung needs to check to give the note 8 the greatest chance of being a successful flagship device.

The features will make or break it

Assuming the note 8 will not have any issues with software or UI, there are still a number of features Samsung users are looking for with their next phablet.

  • Removable battery
  • SD card slot
  • Improved S pen
  • An AI to compete with Siri
  • 4K resolution
  • Folding display
  • Waterproof

If Samsung is able to deliver and meet the expectations of eagerly awaiting customers, the Note 8 will be a great success, the Note 7 will be forgotten, and we may finally have a device that will last more than 2 years since the 2 year contract is now a thing of the past. A strong flagship device that has some longevity will make other Samsung products more relevant and worth buying. Gear VR, Galaxy Gear, and maybe even some wireless earbuds in the future would all be more sought after if Samsung can produce a quality flagship that supports it all.

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This is Samsung's chance to become something other than another company that copies Apple.

Why does the Note 8 even matter?

Whenever a new device is released, and it does incredibly well, other companies should be taking notes and learning from what did and didn't work with a new product. Successful products should raise the bar for competition, or at least set the standard. A successful launch by one company leads to the inspiration and success of another, and technology improves for everyone's benefit, not just for phones, but for technology as a whole. Something can always be improved with the right idea. #Smartphone #Android