America seems to be on a frightening fast track to becoming another type of Soviet Union. Donald Trump selecting cabinet administrators whose ideologies are opposite of the agencies they're chosen to oversee is questionable enough. Worse, is the fact that he surrounds himself with people who are alleged to have close ties to #Russia, not mention all this "why can't we be friends with Russia" talk.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of late is the sudden interest and demand in having the Kremlin investigated for meddling in the U.S.Presidential election when that suspicion first arose right after the DNC WikiLeaks. Where was the outcry and demand then? Why wasn't a majority of the press hammering for more serious coverage and inquiries? Trump (who now claims allegations of a Russian interference geared in his favor is ludicrous), once publicly invited Russia to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails.

The warnings have been there all along

Adding fuel to this re-lit fire is former ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul who says Putin interfered for more than one reason. McFaul spoke recently with MSNBC's Chuck Todd and stated that Putin is for Trump being in the White House because the two share the same foreign policy interests. He added that he has personally heard Putin speak publicly and privately about Clinton. According to McFaul, the Russian dictator believes she interfered in his own December 2011 election. Putin also wanted revenge on Clinton for urging President Obama to get tougher with his country while serving as Secretary of State. The molehill is growing into a mountain.

Former "Russia Today" anchor Liz Wahl told CNN's "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter that the Russian media's goal is to generate false information in order to undermine faith in institutions and democracy.

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Unfortunately, like a bad reality TV show, this seems to be playing out in the United States right now. Another source concurred with the Kremlin's love of creating chaos and undermining democracy through various methods.

Where are the Republicans who raised the alarm about Russia being a serious threat? Funny how power and position can seemingly change one's beliefs, because many of those same politicians are changing their tune. For a country that prides itself on its freedoms, how can we show other countries we are willing to allow said freedoms to seep away? Regardless of political party or nominee preference, are we not better than this? #News #Buzz