#Donald Trump has won the election despite being behind in the popular vote. Now that he has won there is an alarm in many quarters as to how Donald will function as the president. One can draw some idea from his recent speech, at a massive rally in Cincinnati. Donald (in a speech that lasted close to an hour), touched on a host of topics. Basically, he talked of ushering in an extreme right-wing form of #Government that would look more inward than outward at the rest of the world.

Donald's thoughts

Donald Trump touched on his idea of what he called a "beautiful border wall" to keep out immigrants. It was a speech unlike any speech made by a president-elect.

There was a lot of bombastic talk and more rhetoric as he aimed to bring out the fact that he believed in making America great again.

He talked of protecting the American worker and his solution was lowering taxes for the ultra rich. According to his train of thought, this would stop companies from leaving the USA for cheaper facilities abroad. A little too simplistic, really. Trump's speech probably had input from his chief strategist Stephen Bannon who has had contact with fascist organizations. A major part of the speech was making America great. He dramatically announced "that from now on it's going to be America first." He made it clear that he would strike down all regulations that were taking away workers' rights and the flight of companies out of the USA.

Foreign affairs

He didn't touch much on foreign affairs except mentioning that $6 trillion spent on wars in the Middle East was a waste.

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His choice of General James Mattis is a pointer. This man had opined that Obama was not fighting the war against the Islamic terror groups with sufficient strength. He is a "cerebral" general, but has some fixed ideas, and many say he is anti-Islamic.

The jigsaw of what Trump will do is falling into place and it does alarm a lot of people. His comments against immigrants is a case in point. He has said positive things about Putin and it will be interesting to see what he does once he is president. He may well realize after the initial honeymoon is over mere rhetoric does not lead the government anywhere.