The office of the presidency is a viper's pit

Trump will have to undergo four years at least of being criticized and mocked. That is part of being president. Trump can’t stand this. Every time someone criticizes him he flies into a rage. He has to respond, sitting up all night sending insulting short jibes via Twitter. Think of it. For Trump this will be torture, enduring daily the brickbats of scorn for everything he does, being held under a microscope for every misstep, every gaff, every stupid remark, every mistake. He’s so thin-skinned his blood pressure will go up. Trump could spend his entire presidency just responding to and attacking "Saturday Night Live." For anyone who hates Trump this will be payback of a kind.

The presidency will involve real work. Studying reports, receiving delegations, listening to briefings -- the list of jobs is endless and Trump will not like it. He’s used to appearing in wrestling rings to show off in his suit and tie, cutting ribbons at the opening of a hotel, or posing for photos with sexy models. Real work will become an anathema to him. He’ll try to delegate much of it to his VP Mike Pence but the workload will become a thing of horror. Like George Bush did, he will take constant vacations but the paperwork will still pile up.

Being president involves taking accusations, some of them trumped-up

From now on after he’s inaugurated everything that goes wrong, Trump will be blamed for. It’s easy to point the finger at the president when you’re an outsider.

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It’s another thing to be the president and the focus of the blame. Trump is not good at accepting responsibility for mistakes and failures. He will try to foist blame onto others but the buck stops with him

New revelations about old and past indiscretions will continue to haunt him once he swears an oath. Right now it’s quiet, but the women who Trump groped and the business deals he ran that were shady aren’t going to go away. They will continue to surface. Trump won’t be able to buy them all off.

It's a fate worse than death

Trump will come to face something he’s never had to before, he will be vulnerable to the misdeeds of cronies he appoints to office and their mistakes, instead of running a secret closed-door business where he can just fire stooge subordinates as he did on his TV show. Making high-level appointments that turn out bad can come back to haunt you. Trump will have to have a storehouse of excuses.

When Trump’s promise to restore American greatness (no one exactly defined what that is) fails to materialize and people see he isn’t going to make them rich, watch his popularity slump. It’s only a matter of time. #Donald Trump #Government #Policy