Noam Chomsky, a linguistics professor and a signatory to MIT's open letter to Donald Trump regarding his cabinet appointments, has performed multiple interviews since #Donald Trump won the American election last month. One memorable comment that he made when he spoke with al-Jazeera's Mehdi Hassan was regarding Trump's ideology. Chomsky said: "(Trump) certainly is off the spectrum....He has no known ideology, other than 'me.' (qtd. at 29th).

What Noam Chomsky seems to be saying is that Donald Trump can't really be put on the political spectrum or at least that he's different from all other politicians.

It's a position I don't entirely agree with based on the fact that Trump chose to run as a Republican and there are certainly ideological implications and convictions with that. However, Trump is the prototype of a business person in the modern world and certainly a 'me-only' or 'me-first' ideology is something that one would expect from a billionaire. Other writers are starting to depict Trump as a self-serving politician as well.

Donald Trump's Carrier deal depicted as selfish

On December 3rd, for example, Jason Easley writing at stated the following opinion regarding a recent Donald Trump deal: "The Carrier deal has turned into a prime example of the sorts of conflicts of interest that will be coming to the White House with Donald Trump." In accordance with the concern Easley expressed, one might think that Trump will use public funds for his own sake as opposed to some kind of even-handed weighing of what is equitable, required, or in the American national interest.

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If Trump is totally self-serving then any time that he makes a political decision involving the transferring of funds, the beneficiaries may very well be his own companies or investments in one way, shape, or form. Another article was published at on December 2nd by Michael McLaughlin that references Trump's support for the Dakota Pipeline and the fact that Trump has investments connected to it.

But it's not just Democrats or people that are not Republicans that are worried about Donald Trump's interests. NBC News' Phil McCausland recently cited Sarah Palin in a December 2nd article titled "Sarah Palin Calls Out Trump's Carrier Deal, Warns Against 'Crony Capitalism.'" The use of the term "Crony" refers to favoring one's friends, a practice known as cronyism. How Trump's office will deal with such allegations of cronyism and selfishness remains to be seen.

Impossible to sort political from personal?

Donald Trump has claimed that he's worth $10,000,000,000, a number that many might find hard to accept.

Whatever staggering number his actual net worth is he's certainly going to have investments in numerous sectors of the economy. In fairness, some decisions that might seem personal could be political just do to how deep Trump is in investments and business interests. However, what I think may prove telling is a lack of political decisions over the long run that actually hurt his investments. That might sound like the same point, but it is a slightly different angle. So far it's clear that his actions will be scrutinized for conflicts of interest, perhaps more so than other presidents. #NoamChomsky #Politics