#Donald Trump will soon be President of the USA. Right through his election campaign rhetoric, Donald Trump has blazed a unique trail. His latest reaction to the Chinese capture of a US navy drone carrying out research in the South #china Sea is typical of the man. He had depreciated the Pentagon's effort in requesting that the Chinese hand over the drone. In his typical manner, he has grandly announced that China can keep the drone that it had stolen.

China seizes drone

The President-elect, in a tweet after the Chinese had seized the US drone from the South China Sea two days ago, stated: "We should tell China that we don't want the drone they stole back -- let them keep it." There can be no more telling a comment than this, and is sharply in contrast to the response of Obama.

The Pentagon had asked for the return of the drone, and the Chinese agreed that they would return the drone after erasing the data on it. This was like adding insult to injury.

Chinese bluff

China's bluff was never called, as it is necessary to an extent to maintain good relations with the second largest superpower, along with giving credence to the "One China" policy. The entire policy was dictated by a fear of China and one is reminded that Alistair McLean's novel "Fear Is The Key," for decades dictated American policy. it is hard to imagine that even Ronald Reagan, a die-hard opponent of Communism never crossed the Rubicon against the "One China" policy, never spoke to the Taiwanese president.

A fresh path?

Donald Trump, after decades, has broken that practice. He has not only had a 10 minute conversation with the Taiwanese president, but has openly called into question the "One China" policy.

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China is bristling with anger and this seizure of the drone is part of their aggressive intentions. Obama almost sounds apologetic about Trump's comments on China. With Trump as president, however, the Chinese bluff may be called. Opponents of China like India and Japan will be happy with the approach of Trump.