Who is running the state of Illinois?

Recent talks by Illinois lawmakers to sue the state for their paychecks have come at a time when the state's most vulnerable are left out of budgeting plans. Help for those who are victims of domestic violence has been cast aside by Illinois lawmakers this week as they fail to include many agencies into the state's annual budget. Domestic violence advocates are stating that agencies supporting services for victims were left out of the $660 million dollar annual budget.

It is being reported by Tristate News, out of Evansville Illinois, that domestic violence "shelters have not received adequate funding since July 2015." There seems to be no end in sight to this budget crisis as lawmakers are deciding upon increasing the already high state income tax.

To add insult to injury, Illinois lawmakers are suing the state for their own paychecks while neglecting to fund services for the state's most vulnerable citizens. If the same people who are in charge of passing the state budget are suing the state for their paychecks, then they are officially suing themselves for their own incompetence. This incompetence is the main reason for the current budget crisis being experienced in Illinois.

Services not included in the budget

Services for victims of domestic violence are provided through the Illinois Department of Human services. This is the same agency that investigates cases of child abuse and neglect, so essentially the state is failing to support abused children that are in homes that experience domestic violence. When parents are investigated and found guilty of child abuse or neglect, they are then court ordered into services by the state.

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The current budget crisis is putting these services at risk.

These services include counseling, legal advocacy, safety planning, and teaching people about domestic violence and problems that come with domestic violence. While the department is seen as intrusive by some, they provide a great service to all Illinois communities by reaching out to youth in schools to teach them ways to identify and avoid abuse that is physical or emotional in nature. Illinois lawmakers are failing this group of its citizens miserably.

Those who need funding are left out in the cold

The state of Illinois has really turned into a place where only the fittest will survive. According to the Daily Gazette, out of Sterling Illinois, "people who face domestic violence, have disabilities, need transportation to medical appointments, want to recycle, or simply need an education have come to rely on the state helping to pay for these services, which will be threatened anew if a reliable source of funding isn't forthcoming in 2 weeks." Illinois lawmakers should be more concerned with its citizens than their paychecks.

The budget crisis is even having an effect on the burial of Veterans who have passed. It came to light earlier this fall that the bodies of Veterans were not being buried and were literally liquefying and decomposing in body bags. #Domesticviolence #Illinoislawmakers #statebudget