More and more people around the world are desperately in need of freedom to pursue liberty and happiness and America seems to be the land of their dreams. America’s left wing Politics doesn’t seem to recognize the impact of this movement on the country and are unwilling to decode Trump and Right wing politics.

American flag and The Anthem and National Pride

Economic benefits that can be derived from the host country is the most paramount thing in the minds of Migrants. The economic opportunity provided by host countries makes them want to stay and get the much esteemed Green card (who doesn’t want it?), of course, that’s the ultimate.

However, will they be willing to stand and defend the country against external aggression? Will they be proud of the much revered American Flag? How many in the nearest future will stand up for the National Anthem and not boycott it as its currently happening among Sportsmen?

What are the demographic futuristic projections that will give an advantage to today’s Immigrants and sideline the American culture? Will the constitution escape a futuristic onslaught (say for instance, from Sharia law) or are these questions emanating from a Racist and White supremacist suspicious mindset as the left would probably want to think?

If people could risk all to get to America, wouldn’t it be rational to vet and examine those who can give their all for their new found home?

The threat to National Security and American culture

The emotional affinity of an Immigrant to his/her religion, country and ethnicity sets him/her on a collision course, should the host country embark on policies that are seen as unfavorable to his/her country or religion.

The recent appointments made by Trump reflects the protectionist conservative plot to keep ‘others’ away from the political scene. In their minds, pursuing a global agenda without protecting the institutions of government from perceived ‘foreign invaders’ (immigrants), poses a threat to National Security - a suicide attempt. Some in Donald Trump’s futuristic world will take up arms against the state, infiltrate security agencies or act as spies to display their sense of loyalty to their native land.

Call it Fascism or returning to Nazi Germany, the threat to globalization will further invoke a wave of Nationalistic consciousness across Europe and America as it is with China and Russia.

Although there are a good number of Immigrants who have contributed positively to the United States, much more are ready to bring her down. Immigrants are bound by the communal spirit, where they transfer their culture and belief system to their young.

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America is losing that. It is perhaps, the culture of ‘culturelessness’ that will further dismantle what is left of the Democrats – willing to accept anything and losing their heritage and culture to those who will keep theirs and dispossess them of what they already have. To those who belong to Right Wing politics, that is dangerous to say the least.

Whenever there’s a sense of injustice or economic collapse, whenever they no longer have financial independence and it seems the political space is not favorable, they are quick to burn the flag, disregard the constitution, shift allegiance to country of birth or origin and align with her ideology, sit down during the National Anthem and cause destruction and mayhem.

It is, however, important for Trump to be cautious in dealing with this Nationalistic mindset devoid of Racist undertone. How this is going to be done remains to be considered for the sake of peace and in the eye of a suspicious left and mainstream media.

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