There is a strange feeling in the air, in how people behave or interact with others now Christmas is getting closer. It`s a weird pattern which happens every year. But you can`t blame them. For years, Christmas has become a mandatory cost spree as no one wants to act differently from their peers. When your brain processes the word Christmas the first output will be the concept of a present or gift. So far, it seems a logical and well-grounded result, but there is more that is worth putting under scrutiny.

People act on general flow patterns

There is no secret anymore of how people, while being part of a large group, tend to act or behave.

Their decisions have lost their originality and unique characters and simply turned into an appendix of the general will and desire. So is the buying of a present for someone.

Now, people are buying presents not just to express their gratitude, but also due to some sort of social constraint. Across the globe, buying a gift for Christmas is a must do, it`s not debatable or subject to a reasonable bargain.

This current situation does nothing else than amplifying people's anxiousness. To dig in for more, it is simply enough to say that people are most vulnerable while facing an insecurity risk or something similar like anxiety. Now, using an aggressive marketing strategy, those consumerist society attributes are fully exploited having a single result, namely little money in people's pockets.

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Christmas is a celebration of consumerism

Out there, there is a large crowd who can`t afford to buy presents not even when Christmas is arriving. For those who can`t afford to buy more things, Christmas brings some sort of legitimacy over spending habits and means. It`s a deceiving mechanism though functional. It works this way - despite the fact that I can`t afford this item, I think I might buy it. After all, Christmas is not a daily basis event, so I deserve a bit of a spending spree once in a while.

A while ago, Christmas used to be a moment of unity to cherish along with your family and friends. Now, it`s another excuse to rush into a Shopping mall.