#Christmas is coming in mere days, and coming rather bleakly for many Americans, as the economy continues its dive downward. Today in the USA, one in seven people are being fed from food stamps/SNAP assistance programs. Is it any wonder that a man who claims to want to come and make America great once again is so very popular among those who are employed (or trying to be) in the land of the free? The opportunities have all dried up. This has been caused in no small way by outsourcing, as well as a myriad of other things that are destroying chances for success and upward mobility beyond even that.

Merry Christmas, anyone?

To start, how about just saying the words, “Merry Christmas” again? Target has embraced men using the ladies room because of misguided feelings that have no biological merit, but when the feelings of Christians and Christmas shoppers come into play, it is met with trepidation.

The same goes for the ACLU, who has all but destroyed the freedom of speech by ripping down yet more crosses and nativity scenes in America. A display is not an endorsement from the government, yet the ACLU plays the same tired routine each year, and it is destroying the culture that has made this season so vibrant and merry. Starbucks has also been no friend of the season, yet they sure try to rake in money from Christmas CD's and flavored Christmas coffee blends.

Another thing that would help make America (and Christmas) great once more would be if diction and speech mattered again. We live in a nation where no one reads books any longer, and it shows in our declining mental prowess. Musicians with no musical talent are made famous and force fed to the masses, who have been too dumbed down to know any better.

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What if Christmas gifts were made in America?

Maybe if a few of the items that we buy for Christmas were actually made in America, that would be a boon. Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on Christmas gifts, only to find that most of the money is going to companies that are in other nations. While there is nothing wrong with other nations, why does America not make big screen TV's? If regulations and outsourcing are the problem, then hopefully there will in fact be a tax put on any company that outsources. Otherwise, the nation is just going to fall further.

If Christmas seems a bit gloomier this year, maybe it is. Perhaps the culture has been so far removed from the actual message of Christmas that it has been relegated to Santa's, flying fanciful deer, and gifts that no one can afford. Sure, Christmas gifts are great things to both give and receive, but until we understand what made Christmas great, it will be harder to make America great.