Is Chelsa Handler attempting to shame the women of this nation who voted for Donald Trump with her latest published piece on how the election went wrong? She offers up that 94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, but only 53% of white women cast their vote for the female who should have been president.

Women don't unite?

According to The Vuture, Handler claims the 53% of women voted for "a white entitled rich guy who has spent his entire life working the system for excess personal profit." She believes the women in this nation have a problem with supporting another woman and uniting together to vote for a female for president.

In her opinion, this is the reason that Hillary Clinton is not packing up her belongings right now preparing to move into the White House.

Hillary lost because women didn't stand together?

Chelsea appears to be very adamant that women should stand together and vote for another woman. Does this mean all women should have cast their vote for Hillary just because she is female? It sounds that way. She also said while she knows it is too late for this election, she is hoping that this past election along with the four years that will follow with Trump in office will be a wake-up call for the American women, according to The Vulture.

Practice, practice, practice

Handler suggests women do some exercises so they can learn to start treating other women with more respect. She throws out a strategy to practice -- find a woman who is different than you are and then work at finding something you have in common with this woman.

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It might surprise Chelsea to learn that women have been doing this since the dawn of time. That strategy is practiced each time a woman makes a new girlfriend. From the way Handler is talking it sounds as if she doesn't give other women too much credit for having a mind of their own or common sense when it comes to casting their vote.

Maybe women voted for the better candidate?

It may also surprise her to learn that the majority of the 53% of women who voted for Trump and sidestepped Hillary did it for a totally different reason than she could imagine. They simply thought Trump would do a better job in the White House than Hillary would.

One might say women not supporting another woman is a very odd way of looking at why Hillary didn't win the election. Voting for someone just because of their gender is a very scary thought. Her citing 53% of women who were non-Hillary voters as women who don't unite with their gender seems ludicrous. It is more than likely those women voted for the candidate they thought would do the better job and they wouldn't vote for Hillary just to get a female in the White House.