Charlie Sheen tweeted to God to take President-elect Donald Trump next. Elections bring out the worst in people, but wishing death on the winner is a horrible thing to do, much less tweeting it to the world. Sheen is a good comedy actor, and he should stick to acting. Tweeting what he did was classless for even a recovering drug addict like Sheen.

Daily the left gives us more and more reason to realize even before Trump takes office that America made the right decision when they voted. Never before have we been witness to such poor politics from either side. The left is not lowering the bar for acceptable reactions, they have taken the bar down so that anything goes -- even wishing death.

What if it had been Obama?

The media, every politician, every liberal, and many from the right with class would be going crazy had any celebrity ever tweeted they wished President Obama would die. Granted, I have never liked Obama politically, I think he would be an interesting person to just talk to in person, but I would not wish bad things on the President of our country.

President Obama should condemn the entire situation, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders should also be making statements of condemnation, but they probably will not.

Donald Trump should not have to respond at all, everyone else should be doing it for him.

Liberals, you lost

There are those that would say: consider the source, and let it go. That is a horrible position due to the fact that over fifty percent of this country is on government assistance of some kind.

Police Officers are being targeted, Chicago is like a shooting range on the weekends, and confidence in the government is at an all-time low -- what we are doing is not working.

People need to accept that Donald Trump will be our President for the next four years at least, and possibly the next eight years.

The more the left make excuses, perform classless acts like Sheen did, and treat Trump different from how they treated Obama, the more irrelevant they become. All the sound bites in the world will not help the liberal politicians, because they have already lost the election.

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