Eight years ago when a young, inexperienced Senator from Illinois ran for the Presidency against Hillary Clinton, very few gave him a real chance of winning. Hope and Change was the slogan for Barack Obama’s campaign, but as the world would soon find out, it was only a slogan. Obama never intended to change things for the better, as he sought fame and fortune for being the first black President, and history will show that to be true.

From the beginning there was no hope, and nothing but the names changed. From getting involved in local police matters to championing the cause of divisive groups like Black Lives Matter, Obama led the left down a long road to failure.

One thousand local, state, and federal elected positions have been lost by the democrats since Obama took office, so I guess in some ways there was hope.

Trump will stand with Israel

Allies that have been standing beside the United States through thick and thin have distanced themselves from Obama, and rightly so. Israel has long depended on the United States for nothing but preservation must now face the reality that Obama is the first President in American history to care less about them as a nation. The actions of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have shown this to be true.

Watching a sitting President campaign for someone that eight short years ago he said was unfit to be President speaks volumes about his judgement, and possibly his patriotism.

If Clinton was not qualified then, how could she have been qualified now after all the scandals? She could not have been, but if she had been elected, Obama would have had a much more complimentary place in history.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Clinton would have been such a disaster, that he would have looked good compared to her.

The policies of recent administrations have widened the gap between the top earners in this country, while driving more households toward poverty than away from it. Under Clinton policies this trend would have only continued, because a left-leaning government needs the people to depend on it.

The average American citizen will do much better under a Donald Trump Presidency and his pro-growth policies.

People who want to work will be able to do so. While income may not go up as quickly as some would hope, those people will have more to spend because of the Trump Tax Plan. Recovery will not come overnight, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel now.

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