On December 10, Blink 180 TRUE performed at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh on Long Island. They are the national Blink-182 tribute band. This marks their second time performing at this venue, and their show was preceded by disco night with Disco Unlimited.

Meet Blink 180 TRUE

Blink 180 TRUE hails from Southern California, and it is made up of Bob Amendola on lead guitar and vocals (who plays Tom DeLonge), Shawn Berry on bass and vocals (who plays Mark Hoppus), as well as Chris Collins on drums (as Travis Barker).

The band's set-list

As they opened their set with "Feeling This," the band encouraged the fans to sing along with them.

"Rock Show" was especially fun, where everybody was reciting the lyrics verbatim. They continued with such up-beat and sassy tunes as "Dumpweed" and "Aliens Exist." It was followed by the infectious "Going Away to College."

"I can't see what I'm playing. That's perfect," Amendola said, jokingly, and continued with anther crowd favorite tune, "First Date."

After "Dysentery Gary," they broke into "Man Overboard" and "Anthem Part 2," where they invited a local Long Island musician on stage with them, who played the electric guitar. "It's good to be back," they admitted, prior to noting that they flew 3,000 miles to be here tonight

Amendola told the female fans in the crowd to pretend that their name is "Wendy" for the next three minutes, as they serenaded them to "Wendy Clear."

The highlight vocal performance of the evening was "All The Small Things," which earned them a raucous response from the Mulcahy's audience.

The best part was when the lights went off four times during that song, during the lyrics "turn the lights off, carry me home," and the only thing that was lit up was the venue's inside Christmas lights, thus putting the fans in the holiday spirit. Equally fun and exciting was their signature tune "What's My Age Again?"

In summation, Blink 180 TRUE makes their audience feel like they are in high school or college all over again.

They know how to get the party started, and they have fun with their fans throughout their show.

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