Europe is in a state of flux as terror attacks are emanating all over. The attacks have now been almost proved as the handiwork of migrants brainwashed by #ISIS. Their purpose is a single point agenda to create maximum damage in European society. On Monday, December 19th, at 8PM local time, a truck plowed through a section of a Christmas market in Berlin and mowed down 12 German nationals and injured scores. The police and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have confirmed that this was in all probability a terror attack. This news was reported by CNN International.

Terror attack

The truck was owned by a Polish company, and, from available accounts, the original driver who has now been identified was shot dead while someone else took his place.

A Pakistani who had applied for migrant status was arrested, but has denied any involvement. The police have now confirmed that this is possible, and they may have arrested the wrong man. In that case, the assailant has escaped and is at large. As of now, the suspect is still at large.


The attack has reinforced the rightist's views that it was a mistake to have allowed Muslims to enter Europe as refugees. The Czech finance minister, Andre Babis, stated to a news magazine that Merkel is partly to blame for this attack. Nigel Farage, the British leader stated on Twitter: "Terrible news from Berlin, but no surprise. Events like these will be the Merkel legacy."

Berlin's national icon, the Brandenburg gate, has been lit with colors of the German flag in honor of the persons killed in the terror attack.

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I wonder if this alone will soothe the frayed nerves of the common people.

Last word

The world has condemned the attack, and Donald Trump has voiced his view that it is the work of ISIS. The failure of German intelligence to pinpoint the attack, and the subsequent follow-up where the assailant may still be at large does not speak highly of Germany's security apparatus. Sooner rather than later, Germany will have to come to terms with the one million Muslim refugees that have been inducted into the German state. #Terrorism