Cue the teleprompter for the state propaganda! The men behind the curtain must revel in sadistic satisfaction on the supposed successful manipulation of the public. Should we believe in the DOJ's self-proclaimed neutrality? On Friday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch delivered a carefully worded statement on Dakota Access. One could almost see the puppet strings as the talking head mouthed words carefully crafted by the corporate elite.

Protectors not protestors

“As winter takes hold in the Great Plains,” she says. What is this, a fire side chat, or the great American novel? No, it's the prelude to propaganda. Lynch says this a protest; and those involved are protestors.

Colonial legacy media and the corporate state have vilified protesters. Oceti Sakowin patriots refuse to accept the mainstream moniker correctly insisting they are water protectors, not protestors. The DOJ is not neutral.

Police brutality

Lynch says the DOJ supports local law enforcement, and then claims the DOJ defends constitutional free speech. What could be more contradictory? If the DOJ "supports" local law enforcement, does it support the vicious #Police Brutality committed against water protectors by the agents of Gov. Dalrymple's police state? Lynch refers to the right of constitutionally protected speech, but fails to mention freedom of the press, and freedom of peaceable public assembly. The agents of fascism hate the press and peaceable assembly. Both independent media and water protectors are viciously attacked.

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Lynch says the DOJ wants to maintain “vibrant relationships” with American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Honor the treaties

What does that mean? We already have a nation-to-nation relationship with the United States based on treaties. That is the only relationship that the DOJ need maintain. Lynch says the DOJ has been monitoring the situation in North Dakota. First, DOJ monitoring was insufficient to prevent; dog attacks, water canons, rubber bullets, mace, tear gas, strip searches, people being thrown into jail cells naked, or locked into dog kennels. More importantly, this “situation” is not taking place in “North Dakota” it is taking place in the 1851 Ft. Laramie Treaty territory of the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation). Lynch never mentions this.

Protectors are not violent

Lynch says the DOJ remains in close communication with law enforcement. Lynch always lists law enforcement first; not an accident. Lynch speaks of reducing tensions and fostering dialogue. Lynch fails to mention that the Sioux Nation has been in dialogue opposing this pipeline for two years.

Lynch falsely claims the DOJ is protecting free speech, it isn't. Lynch asserts violence is never the answer. The only people who have been violent are the police. Lynch says we need to find common ground. This isn't common ground, it is the treaty territory of the Sioux Nation, only it has legitimate jurisdiction. Disgustingly, Lynch says the DOJ is concerned with the safety of everyone involved beginning with law enforcement and residents. Here Lynch legitimizes police sponsored propaganda falsely portraying water protectors as a dangerous. Lynch proceeds to talk about DOJ efforts on Dakota Access.

No Dakota Access

Lynch characterizes DOJ personnel as “deploying,” as if to a war zone against an enemy. She speaks of conciliators, as if to suggest the Sioux Nation ought to be conciliatory in the face of violation of its treaty rights. The DOJ claims it is committed to law enforcement, yet fails to enforce the National Environmental #Policy Act requiring Dakota Access to do an Environmental Impact Statement. The DOJ also refuses to enforce indigenous treaties; the supreme law of the land. Lynch says the DOJ recognizes the “strong feelings” around Dakota Access based on the “complicated and painful” history of American Indians and the federal government. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, this isn't about anyone's “feelings” it is about our treaty rights. President #Obama, stop this pipeline.