Have you heard of Amazon Go? If you have not you will soon. The world around us is constantly changing, improving, and moving forward as technology advances. The latest Amazon innovation may change things more than anything since the introduction of the smart phone, or before that, the internet. Amazon Go promises to change things that have long been the status quo. No checkout, no line, and currency to exchange, all you need is a smartphone.

Soon you will be able to simply walk into a retail establishment and choose whatever you have interest in and just leave without ever having contact with another person if you so choose.

Amazon has shown in the past that whatever they do, they do it well. I would expect nothing else from the newest idea that was announced recently, showing how the retail world will soon change again.

Amazon keeps innovating

First Amazon changed the retail world by selling online. Then Amazon Prime was introduced and the results were unbelievable. Many people order and receive everything they need without ever leaving their home by using Prime. This has been a great innovation for the elderly, ill, disabled, and those who just simply need more time for other things.

Amazon Go will continue the trend of making life easier for Amazon customers, or will it? By scanning your phone you will be able to shop, select, pay and leave without ever having contact with a store employee. Computers and your phone will communicate the items you have selected, and upon leaving the store will charge them to your Amazon account.

There will be doubters

Questions do arise with the introduction of Amazon Go. What will happen to the in most cases unfriendly, unmotivated cashiers and minimum wage employees that will no longer be needed at these establishments?

Will human interaction further decline? Will shopper privacy be further violated by a huge corporation knowing everything you purchase for consumption?

Trust in the system will be paramount for the consumer, but will the system also create opportunity lost for those who cannot afford to update to something like Amazon Go. Will Amazon create another Wal-Mart-like scenario where small family business can no longer complete, becoming a thing of the past?

Huge fortunes will be made by some who invested in Amazon early, adapt fast, but devastation may be the result for those who resist. Amazon Go will change things as we know them. Personally I think it is a natural evolution into the future. I look forward to the day when I can go to the store and purchase what I need without having to deal with an untrained, unmotivated employee that thinks they should get $15 per hour.

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