It is obvious that Donald trump ran his presidential campaign in the same way that he did "The Apprentice" reality show. According to the show’s producer Bill Pruitt, during a recent Vanity Fair interview, Donald Trump was having financial problems before "The Apprentice" saved him. In the interview, Pruitt confirmed that Donald Trump’s empire during the taping of the “The Apprentice” was in deep trouble. For Trump to remain relevant while his empire was collapsing, the show proved to be his way out.

The tweets

Unless you were hiding under a rock, by now you know that Donald Trump loves attention. From his tweets to his victory tour, it has been unprecedented for a Presidential candidate and President-Elect to garner so much attention.

He is making news every day. No wonder he signed up for "The Apprentice,” just so he could stay in the news and be considered a powerhouse businessman as was similarly showcased during the campaign.

'The Apprentice'

Now let’s take a step back and look at "The Apprentice." Many Americans thought that Donald Trump was a successful businessman during the length of the reality show, but now we know from the producer that this was the furthest thing from the truth. Apparently, the show was a scam because since Trump’s empire was already crumbling and contestants of the show were competing to get a chance to work with Trump, they were obviously deceived. The network running this reality show probably knew of this deception and they participated in it for one reason and that is to get good television ratings.

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So, it was a win-win situation because the network got their high ratings and Donald Trump got his well-needed attention and relevance. But, what about the contestants and viewers of this reality show? They are the ones who were scammed, if what Bill Pruitt says is true.

Running for President

It may have been that Donald Trump wanted something bigger to get more attention. For that reason, he decided that he was going to run for President. However, he treated the candidacy as he did the reality show. He wouldn’t show his tax returns for fear that Americans would know the truth about his alleged crumbling empire and possibly the fact that he may not have been as rich as he said he was. Just like he got viewers to watch Trump's reality show to believe that he was a billionaire trying to help contestants win the chance to be as successful as he was, it appears that he did the same thing to his supporters and voters.

The media

It is also apparent that Donald Trump played to the media for free press during the Presidential campaign.

He is still doing the same thing with his tweets and choice of cabinet members. The media fell for it for the same reason and that is to receive good network ratings. Now that the election is over and Trump has won through the Electoral College and not the popular vote, it is very clear that the campaign was more of an ego trip for Trump and not necessarily about what he promised his voters and supporters. It is eerily similar to the reality show. It was all about his ego and not necessarily helping those Apprentice contestants. You should be the judge and while time will also tell, Donald Trump looks like he is turning his Presidential inauguration into a reality show, as the New York Times reported.