Anderson Cooper is a gay man. As a gay man, he should know what it's like to have biased media smear him for just being gay. Which is why it's even more shameful that Cooper used his platform on 60 Minutes to smear disabled people as lawsuit happy or even dupes.

The Problems with Anderson Cooper's piece

To call Anderson Cooper's piece on the Americans with Disabilities Act balanced is like saying the Cleveland Browns are a good football team. It isn't true and anyone with eyes can see it. It featured very no voices from #disabled people, one of whom was even shown without a head.

The person in question, Ingrid Tischer, feels that her image was misused. Originally, she shot it for a piece that was intended to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the ADA. CBS for whatever reason, decided to kill that piece but used the clip for this hit piece. And they didn't even include her head which she felt is even more insulting. On her blog, Tales from the Crip, she called it "right-wing propaganda masquerading as journalism." Which is what this is.

One of the biggest problems with the piece is that Anderson Cooper ignores a basic truth: The Americans with Disabilities Act is 26 years old.

It isn't as though the law is new information just being sprung on poor hapless business owners. Businesses have had 26 years to comply with the law. Any businesses that don't are breaking the law and thus deserve to be sued. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Heck, the piece itself says that one business' violation can be seen from space. So it's reasonable to expect the owner to.

Not only that, the ADA is what allows me to function in my community.

It allows many disabled people to leave their homes. It allows us to get educations. If anything the ADA makes it possible for us to live. However, Anderson Cooper reduces us to dupes for greedy lawyers or greedy sociopaths looking for a paycheck (depending on your interpretation).

Anderson Cooper's shame

Gay people have been called pedophiles, people out to destroy Christianity, or even subhumans. Many Disability advocates have been called the very same (the second one was used when the disability community was trying to get the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities passed).

Both communities have suffered, torture, persecution mass institutionalization and even murder. Instead of being an ally Anderson Cooper does to the disabled what conservatives have been doing to the LGBT community for decades.

Which is a shame. There are so many issues in the disability community. Polling places are inaccessible. People can be killed by family members and get no justice. At the Judge Rotenberg Center, autistic people are being electroshocked and treated worse than any serial killer. Instead of covering these issues, Anderson Cooper gave us a hatchet job that wouldn't be out of place on Breitbart or Infowars.

Oh and as a final insult, the piece wasn't even closed captioned.

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