The hijab is in the news. It is a symbol of #Islam and especially after the win of #Donald Trump the visible signs of this religion are more in the minds of the people. Firstly, let us accept the fact that Muslims constituted just about 1% of the population and on the face of it a fear that this 1% will destroy America looks irrational. But as there are so few Muslims a woman wearing a head scarf easily attracts attention in a crowd. It is an advertisement of being a Muslim. Unfortunately, not only in America but all over the world where the non-Muslims are in majority this symbol is associated with violence and crime. Be it India, Europe or Russia not forgetting China the Hijab and the burkha are associated with separatism and by corollary violence.

Rise of Trump

Ever since Donald Trump won the election the attacks on women wearing the Hijab have increased. The far right cannot understand this symbol of Islam, resulting in attacks that have created a fear psychosis among Muslims. Muslims are now appealing to Trump to respect the first amendment and let them live their lives peacefully. I am afraid this is missing the wood for the trees. Trump has only articulated the feeling of many Americans, right or wrong. One cannot escape from the fact that a small percentage of Muslims have been talking of separatism and indulging in terror acts.

Reaction around the world

A look around the world will show a reaction. France and some other nations have banned the burkha and hijab and yesterday the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her party convention unequivocally stated that this symbol of Islam is not acceptable in Germany.

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In addition, a Muslim country like Egypt is also considering a full face veil ban.One cannot shy away from the fact that the Burkha is used by many terror groups to fool the police and carry out incendiary and bombing attacks.

Uncomfortable question

In such a scenario an average American will have doubts. What is the solution? Is it imperative that the Hijab be worn?Does the Koran at any place mention specifically about the hijab and burkha? Why is it applicable only to women and not to the men?. These are the questions the Muslims must answer to themselves. There is no easy solution.