When you stop and think about it, how long since America was moving steadily in the right direction? Its been decades. Ronald Regan brought integrity to the office; he revived the economy, renewed patriotism, and American pride. Conservatives have been the silent majority watching this country go down a trail of destruction, led by men with nothing for the fellow man.

Current administration failures

This administration has been the most divisive in recent history (going back fifty years). Race relations have been set back to Martin Luther King and JFK days because leaders sided with racial agitators and refused to denounce anti-police riots.

The Obama administration has run up more debt, $20 trillion, equal to all the prior administrations combined. 20 million more people on food stamps, the lowest workforce rate and a shrinking middle class unable to keep up with surging costs like health insurance. People are frustrated, restless, and angry with their government for bringing them to this lowly place. Some of you wonder why Trump won the election; all this would be why.

Officially we are not allegedly in a recession, the inflation rate remains below two percent. So what happens when the stock market starts tanking? What happens when the cost of fuel, food, and other consumer goods start taking off again?

Freedom fighters

One man that has always acted in the interests of the people is Congressman Matt Salmon.

He was always bucking leadership and fighting for principle. He fought for a term limits bill and was instrumental in getting the Speaker that stopped the bill to step down. Salmon fought to reign in excessive spending and executive overreach, but the elites always manage to include their huge increases under an ugly omnibus bill at the end of each year.

The silent majority made its voice known this past November with our new President. The moaning and groaning of the left was made known by the mainstream media with every action and cabinet selection of President-elect Trump. Is it the left’s lack of knowledge of simple economics, or is it their refusal to admit to their failure to see the result their undoing?

The lowered credit rating and the brink of insolvency did nothing to hold back their spending on subsidies and earmarks. Quite frankly, Democrats and most Republicans don’t care about Americans well-being, only their agenda.

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