Americans who are hoping Trump can solve their imagined problems and make them rich like he is, have failed to recognize they are in large part responsible for the death of American two-party democracy. Call it a republic if you want. It’s over for now.

Demonization killed it. This is where you take disagreement from the other party, and attempt to portray it not as the right to disagree that is the most basic pillar of our Constitution. But instead you portray the person who disagrees with you as a dangerous enemy. This is a radical change from the past and a crushing tragedy because, as bad as our government has been at has always been and still is one of the best systems in the world.

Most people are good people. True subversives trying to overturn or wreck personal freedoms are rare. It doesn’t matter. If you’re not with us, you’re against us. That’s the thinking now.

America has crossed a figurative Rubicon, into intolerance for the rights of others

Some Americans, lack courage and honesty. They also lack restraint. They are the spoiled children of a television generation. They want instant gratification. Everything has to be my way or no way. Having patience with the right to disagree requires patience.

The election of 2016 has proven one thing beyond all else -- the Founding Fathers and the Constitution cannot protect us from the demagoguery of extremist political intolerance and bigotry if enough people make the determination to support such bigotry. Along with respect for the basic rights of others to disagree, high regard for truth and integrity have also died.

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It's tragic.

Perhaps it was meant to be that the kind of intolerance and paranoia of the Joe McCarthy era of the 1950s with its blacklists, false smear tactics, and the ruining of innocent lives. That this type of fascism would replace moderation is a total shock. It’s a shock to anyone who values fairness.

Here are few examples. For five years at least, Trump claimed Obama was foreign-born. When just this year Trump finally admitted it was untrue, no one complained. No one held him accountable. Lying became standard operating procedure (in fact Trump out-lied every other candidate including Clinton at a rate of about three-to-one).

Truth is no longer a factor in American life

Respect for the truth is dead. People decided they wanted to believe only what they want to believe. In fairness there are extremists on both sides. The urge to make threats of violence are more ominous from the extreme right (liberals tend to throw protest demonstrations which are legal). Extreme has now unfortunately become the norm.

What will it take to return to the gentler and kinder America that George Bush Sr. said he hoped for? We will have to suffer through zealotry, lies, chicanery, and violence until at last we become sickened of it and honesty once again becomes a desired political platform. That won’t come for a while.

Children learn totalitarian conduct

We have entered a new dark age. Political disagreement has crossed the line from a right, to a signal that a person is disloyal, a bad American, a subversive, a person who deserves to be locked up, or physically beaten. Trump set the tone, threatening his rival verbally without specifics (he never provides any). This is the new America. #Donald Trump #Election 2016 #Obama