Is it possible that with Donald trump we are seeing the birth pangs of a fascist? I don't believe that Adolf Hitler, the man, and the politician, had those monstrous intentions in his mind when he delivered his first speech. I wonder what his thoughts were on receiving such a rapturous applause the first time he spoke, and then returning the following week, and seeing more people eager to jump and stamp their feet. I wonder if he was surprised at how easy it was to whip up a crowd into a frenzy? Angry people were just as angry as him. It has parallels with Trump's rallies -the winding up of the violent rhetoric, the aggressive mannerisms that see themselves played out in violent altercations that frequently follow his appearances.

I want to look at how politicians like Trump and their politics can easily morph into fascism when there is discontentment in society similar to the conditions in Germany prior to World War II. These current times seem to be very turbulent and with the wars in the Middle-East creating a distorted sense of security back home. We are now seeing new waves of terror appearing on our shores that western society has not experienced before. This fear is causing populations to lurch towards the right as a way of protecting themselves.

Fascist politicians are emboldened by Trump's successes

Perversely inspired and deranged individuals are rising up and creating mayhem on the streets of Germany, France, and America.

It's not just these small pockets of events that are disturbing. It is the waves of fear that spread quickly across the planet that push people into voting for people like Trump and their fascist tendencies. People seek a knee-jerk response to the terror they see on the streets, a way for people to vent their dislike for the madness they see unfolding across the world.

I say the world, but really it's a small proportion of violence taking place on the planet, but still the effect is exponential through social media. Already we have seen Theresa May of the UK inserted as Prime Minister without a vote, and in the states, a potential nemesis in the way of Trump. Some would say he is a potential Hitler in the making, but I say that they all could be, depending on the causes and conditions that surround them at that time.

Was Hitler the only anti-semitic?

Back to Hitler - the madman who focused his frustration on the Jewish people, but was it just him that was anti-Semitic? Or did he just feed into a German racism that was lying beneath the surface brought up sooner due to Germany's poverty and misfortune? Hitler gave Germany hope and gave them power, albeit in a perverse manner. He channeled the German dark psyche into the attempted genocide of the Jewish people and we ask ourselves could it happen again? Maybe not in the exact same way. And maybe not just the Jews. The conditions at the moment seem ripe.

We are now experiencing, minimally, what some have been experiencing in the Middle-East on a daily basis for years.

Right-wing politicians are popping up everywhere as fear and insecurity spread fast. Fascist leaning politicians are emboldened by the success of Trump's racist rhetoric. And while the hatred is only simmering it only takes another major attack before we may find ourselves in a very dark place. Hopefully, people will have the nuance to maintain calmness and respond correctly to what is still minimal violence. Hopefully, we can elect the right people to see us through these dark waters and not implement unnecessary security measures that feed into further paranoia and distrust, and channel that dark energy into helping the poor and destitute who so desperately need it.

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