#India maintains the 4th largest #military force in the world, but there is deep dissatisfaction. With the opening of the Gwadar port and the 46 billion dollar economic corridor, the geopolitical situation has changed to the detriment of India. Chinese ships will be stationed at Gwadar and Russia has evinced interest in joining the Pakistan-China corridor. It is the making of a new axis as opposed to the India -USA strategic partnership. In such a situation the Indian military is to be kept razor sharp and motivated. Unfortunately, Narendra Modi has not learned any lesson from history and has created a situation where the armed forces careers are downgraded in comparison to their civil counterparts.

Tackling the China-Russia-Pakistan likely axis

With the China-Russia-Pakistan axis formation, it is imperative to keep the military at a high state of readiness, as well as motivated. However, the Indian government right from the days of Jawaharlal Nehru has always treated the armed forces as a necessary evil and not to be strengthened or given the requisite perks. Throughout the history of independent India, bizarre decisions have been made, like the reduction of the armed forces pension in 1973, and earlier reduction in salary by Nehru. These have not been fully restored. In addition, the Modi government has created a greater disparity and at places designated as "operational areas," the civil counterparts draw double the allowance of the military personnel.

Military downgraded

A big bone of contention is non-approval of NFU (non-functional upgrade ) of salary.

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This is denied to the military while it is given en masse to all corresponding civil officers. NFU means that an officer will continue to draw salary though not promoted for any reason as drawn by his course mate who is promoted. This is a bone of contention and the 3 service chiefs have written on this matter to the PM. Add to this the non-sanction of OROP as approved by 2 parliaments, the cup of woe of the military is full. This has led to an agitation by veterans who are carrying on a relay hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Something unheard of in the USA or China, and certainly nothing to be proud of.

The future

Modi and other Indian leaders have not read the Red Book of Mao which stated that "political power comes out of the barrel of a gun." One wonders if the military is not motivated, how will Modi realize his dream of India being a super power? The USA, which takes pride in its military would not be happy with these developments.