Anti-trump protesting is continuing two weeks after the election

Immigrants, and advocates for open borders, and others that oppose Trump's victory are continuing to protest in the streets today. The election has been over for two weeks and there are still people #Protesting in the streets. The individuals that are protesting, because they feel the country will become more violent. They believe that racism and sexism will be more prevalent. They believe that with Trump as President the country will become more violent and more rights of the individual will be violated. The irony is these protesters are causing violence, and are possibly violating many individual rights.

There were protesters during the American Music Awards yesterday, led by the band Green Day. Protesters are blocking streets, vandalizing and rioting in a temper tantrum because of the Trump victory.

A 60's flashback of college students protesting the Vietnam War

Demonstrations are in many cities and number in the thousands. They are gathering in the streets, holding signs which include “Dump Trump” and “Minorities Matter.” The protesters are protesting against Trump being elected president, because of the belief that the political correctness will stop. The majority of protesters are college students. This is a kind of flashback in the 60's and the protesting of the Vietnam War. The increase of violence and the blocking of streets, along with the arrests being made in many cities.

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These protesters have the right to have their voice heard, but they have crossed the line with blocking streets, vandalism, and rioting. After two weeks of protesting there are many protesters that are being arrested. They are being arrested for spitting on police officers, threatening police officers, disorderly conduct, and causing damage.

The continuation of these protests will not help to stop racism, sexism, or even bullying of certain individuals. The protesters are stirring an increase in these actions, because these protest are on and in the news every day. The continuation of anti-Trump protests has to stop. The fact of the matter is #Donald Trump was elected and no amount of temper tantrum from individuals that do not know how to lose gracefully is going to change that fact. #Anti-trump