#Black Friday is only one week away. Retailers are already leaking their super low priced advertised specials. In some cases people will camp outside the stores waiting to scoop up these bargains like vultures waiting for road kill to stop moving before lunch is served. Lines will be long, parking non-existent, and retailers will be overwhelmed by the crowds trying foolishly to beat the #Christmas rush.

These same shoppers that want to beat the rush have actually became that rush. Tensions will be high to avoid missing out on that once in a lifetime price on some cheaply made item that will fail to live up to expectations.

Fights will break out between normally calm, cool, and collected ladies who have reverted to the primal instincts of hunting prey at all costs. In some rare cases people will actually be killed by the stampede of craze-filled want-to-be Santa Claus impersonators.

Black Friday is not Good Friday

Many men, myself included could just do without Black Friday altogether. After a long day of eating, entertaining family and friends, and of course watching up to 10 hours of football, the last thing I want to do is go shopping. Fighting mobs of people to save fifty dollars or more on a television is not my idea of a Good Friday.

Dealing with untrained, recently hired retail staff is frustrating for both the shoppers and the staff. That wonderful taste in your mouth from tender turkey, cornbread dressing, and perfect pumpkin pie quickly turns into foul tasting impatience sprinkled with disappointment.

Top Videos of the Day

When you fail to take home the prize because the manufacturer had shipping problems, and no televisions are in stock that rain check does not make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Christmas a time to over-indulge

Christmas and Christmas shopping are over-rated in my eyes to begin with, people simply overdo it. Under some Christmas trees will be obnoxious amounts of material things that people could do without. Long gone for so many is that true meaning of Christmas. Only the newest, biggest, fastest, and fanciest will do for a gift to give that special someone in the eyes of many.

The simple truth is a hug, warm smile, and a few minutes of concentrated I-really-do-care time would have been so much more rewarding than a new big screen or iPhone. Time is so much more valuable than any store bought gift, but we have fallen into the retailers trap, the hunter has become the hunted.

The worst day of the year?

Black Friday is my most disappointing day of the year in my opinion. On that day people will combine their best and worst traits under the disguise of giving. In most cases it is more about self-satisfaction of being the one who got the prize for such huge savings rather than making the world a better place. Year by year it seems to be getting even worse with stores open on Thanksgiving to start the madness earlier than ever.