47th Vice President of the United States, beloved father and husband, and all-round goofball Joe Biden has gifted us with humor we can all relate to. Finishing out his last few months in office after a heated political season, Biden has gone viral through internet #memes detailing his outspoken personality and his relationship with POTUS. What makes him so popular among young people?

His clumsy humor makes us smile

"Isn't it a b*tch? This vice president thing?" - Biden empathizing with Harvard University student body Vice President.

For as long as we can remember, Biden has been scrutinized for saying things he may not exactly mean.

Attempting to reference Teddy Roosevelt's famed line, Biden speaks to a crowd "I promise you, the president has a big stick."

After being announced as #Obama's running mate in 2008, Biden called the candidate at his first campaign rally "Barack America."

Sometimes, we're not quite sure if Joe even knows he's made a mistake. Nonetheless, his candid humor and dad jokes keep us going. In 2010, Biden is caught on an open mic congratulating President Obama during the health care signing ceremony saying, "this is a big f*cking deal."

Obama + Biden = BFFLs

It's no secret that the president and VP are genuinely good friends. Who can forget this year's Joe/Barack friendship bracelets?

Compared to a scripted Obama, Biden speaks with an unpredictable verbosity that we can't get enough of.

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He's our candid, crazy uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner table accidentally saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He calls important people by the wrong names, he slips up with a curse or two. But the straight man/funny man routine that Obama and Biden have secured throughout the past few years is what makes for wild entertainment. Where Biden's scattershot humor can seem a bit blundering, Obama balances it out with a seemingly disciplined and measured nature by comparison.

The memes, the myths, the legends

Since Trump's victory, the internet has speculated about how the double act is dealing with the Republican surprise win. Twitter and Instagram accounts have flooded social media with "Savage #Joe Biden" and "Obama/Biden" memes.

We know the memes aren't real.

Yet it is clear that the masses are taking out their presidential election frustration by fabricating nerdy presidential fan fiction. Now that Joe's lease at the White House is almost up, memes have taken a more pointed stance on what irreverent thoughts he might have.