According to comments by some fans, "Dragon Ball's" success is mainly due to the fact that its creator, Toriyama, was able to combine many characters with ancient ideas, myths and legends and adapt them to current life. This is the case with the legend of the Monkey God represented by Goku.

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Also, through Kamisama, who is like an alien, it is revealed that there are different gods even more powerful than the god of the earth, thus creating an illusion in the fanatic that the strength of someone superior can achieve things unthinkable. In this popular #Cartoon, there are also dinosaurs, animals, and humanoids, through which Toriyama represents the different types of people but giving them a special touch, making them live through their invented but real characters at the same time.

Trunks is the Terminator of "#Dragon Ball" because it is based on the character of John Connor. What is more current than that?

Another important reason for the saga to be so popular and followed, are those "magic" things that Toriyama has created like the capsules Hoi Poi. We all want to keep our things in a simple capsule and take them anywhere, or we can also have the seeds of the hermit to heal our wounds and fill us with strength when we are fatigued. Another aspect that the creator of "Dragon Ball" highlights is comedy, action, drama, but also boasts of technology -- ranging from robots to transporters, trackers, and the radar of the dragon giving that futuristic touch that transports fans to a fantasy world that in many cases is already a reality.


A very innovative and important aspect in "Dragon Ball" is the comedy, so not only illusion and fantasy are present in each chapter, but the fun and the desire to wait anxiously every week to be in front of the TV or computer and enjoy this great work.

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Something very important that is demonstrated during the entire saga is the spirit of Japan post-war, the spirit of overcoming that managed to turn the country into a superpower after having been devastated, not only by the war but by earthquakes and tsunamis.