Just picture this scene for a moment: a woman walks into a medical marijuana shop. “My son has epilepsy,” the woman says. The shop owner takes her to some cannabis that has worked for some people who suffer from seizures. She buys a bag of Charlotte’s Web cannabis and heads home. The woman is one of the many medical marijuana buyers from the state of Florida if medical marijuana becomes legalized.

Medical Marijuana again on the Florida ballot

Medical marijuana is once again on the Florida ballot. The state says under Amendment 2, this type of cannabis can be used for people suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorders, cancer, and multiple sclerosis according to News Herald.

The ballot offered medical marijuana on the ballot in 2014, but the majority of Florida citizens did not meet majority status of approval, which is 60%. It is now 2016, and the majority of Florida citizens have reached 73% or more of the approval rating to pass the amendment into law.

Amendment 2 after passing

The law will have to take some time into consideration. Unfortunately, big-pharma companies in Florida are willing to block the amendment from being stated into law, after results from online surveys and early voting in the state have shown overwhelming approval for the drug. For many pharmaceutical companies, those with big holds on prescription pills and opioids in some states within the US have shown an impact on the voting poll.

A company once paid nearly one million dollars to lobby for the amendment to pass. Medical marijuana in one state was rejected by the state’s congressional pool.

If the amendment passes, the law will state that anyone over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license will be able to purchase from these marijuana shops.

But the problem stated by the Florida Police Chief and the Florida Medical Associationis concerned with abuse of a medical option for people dealing with cancer and other debilitating diseases. Florida's Drug Free Florida Committee has earned up to $3.4 million this year according to News-Journal Online.

Amendment 2 has many supporters within the Florida area, including the Morgan law firm located in downtown Tampa. They have a family member who suffers from ALS, a condition that weakens the muscles and impacts physical function. Some noted ALS sufferers include Steven Hawking, a well-known physicist whose life was shown in the film "The Theory of Everything." The Morgan law firm has ties to the People United for the Medical Marijuana Committee, which has earned $6.1 million since 2015, according to News-Journalism Online. "Marijuana is a Schedule I drug, which means it can't be studied," said John Morgan in an interview. But as opposition grows, it will lead to more and more doctors signing up to be available to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients and not prescription pills.

Why I choose Amendment 2

My family has been struck with hard and difficult things over the years. A former teacher of mine has battled cervical cancer all her life and has now developed Parkinson’s disease because of her treatments. I think this would be a great alternative to help her tremors. I know an aunt who was diagnosed with glaucoma, I think it would help her in the short-term until the symptoms progress. Former teachers and wives of co-workers have been dealt with the bad news of breast cancer. But as some are still in treatment and others are being treated, I think this medicine will go a long way in making sure people are comfortable regardless of what life gives us.

There are so many people out there who don't need to suffer in pain or become addicted to pills if they have an option such as medical marijuana.

So if you can go out and vote, my option to you is simply this hashtag, #Yes4Amendment2.

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