Many fans think about the possibility that #Goku will be very hurt in a confrontation with Black. Therefore it could produce a fight with Gohan against Black, and Vegeta would help with his powers. The Cayosama would find the form to increase power and maybe see a union of Goku and Gohan -- or maybe Vegeta and Gohan together.

A tall tail?

This is where the answer comes from the tail of Goku and Vegeta, because they had it in the previous saga, but in some chapters they lost it and it is not the one that gives them strength or power against the many enemies and villains that they face. Thus social networks create commentaries, yearnings, and assumptions that lead many to want to find the exit of the characters of "#Dragon Ball" in each chapter where there are clashes between good and evil.

Some people wish that the Gods intervened and that Black and Goku enter a dimension. Their ideal is that Vegetta appears and is stronger than Black, and that Goku travels to the present quickly, works and fights against all the Gods of destruction, and finally defeats them.

Good triumphs over evil

Here you see how the fans always bet for the good of humanity and enjoy when things happen in favor of the hero of the good. But at the end everyone makes their bet, some think that the last battle will be between Goku and Bills as they promised to fight again. With eagerness, all the fans of "Dragon Ball" wait for each chapter and the surprise that comes with it. They are so connected to the saga that sometimes they feel they are living in that cartoon as one of the characters.

All fans think the saga is awsome, funny but at the same time it shows action and fantasy, which makes people dream and hope in their hearts and minds as they root for these characters.

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The power of the characters is one of the things that fans enjoy the most, the way they fight -- the embodiment of Japanese culture shown in every chapter and character. The magic and art in all of them.

There´s no doubt that it will be one of the most famous cartoons in the history of animation.