The election, as of this writing, is not over but already a member of the media, Chuck Todd of NBC News, is starting to place blame. How is it that we came down to a choice between a blowhard like Donald Trump and a soulless fiend like Hillary Clinton? Todd casts his net wide, pointing fingers at the Democrats, the Republicans, and even the media. But the explanation is very simple.

Donald Trump as a phenomenon caused by Barack Obama and, to some extent, the Republican establishment. In 2009, the Tea Party movement, mainly middle-class people, rose up to protest the size of government and its involvement in everyday life.

For a while the Tea Party was wildly successful, staging mass demonstrations and winning the House for the Republicans in 2010 and then the Senate in 2014.

Unfortunately, two things happened.

First, President Obama loosed the might and majesty of the government upon the Tea Party, using the IRS to harass various groups to suppress their effectiveness. Obama very likely won the 2012 election as a result of these shenanigans.

Second, the Republicans were insufficiently zealous in opposing the Obama agenda. To be sure, some individual politicians such as Sen Ted Cruz fought like lions. But by and large congressional Republicans rolled over.

The American people in the form of the Tea Party asked politely and were given the back of their hand. Donald Trump is their way of insisting, not so gently.

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Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee because of the inherent corruption of the Democratic Party. The Clintons have become nothing less than a crime family, using connections and influence to enrich themselves. They have suborned the Democratic Party into a subsidiary for their project of capturing the presidency for Hillary Clinton. The WikiLeaks emails show how enthusiastically the Democrats participated in fending off any rivals, especially Bernie Sanders, who despite his popularity fell short in the nomination contest. The Obama administration has become corrupt as well, declining to prosecute Hillary for demonstrable crimes surrounding the email server.

Ironically, Trump is running, in part, on “draining the swamp” of corruption and graft in government. If he is elected and succeeds, he will have become a world-historic figure.   #Election 2016