One of the leftover tasks of Election 2016 will be what to do with the problem known as Hillary Clinton. During one of the debates, Donald Trump promised to send Clinton to jail. The media went to the fainting couch with the idea that the now president-elect pledged to take revenge on a political opponent. But, Ms. Clinton’s various crimes are so many and legion that they could occupy a special prosecutor for years.

Hot Air noted that when the idea of a presidential pardon came up at a press briefing, Josh Earnest had no comment. On one level, handing out a pardon to Hillary Clinton would garner Barack Obama no political advantage and would likely hurt his legacy by allowing a Clinton to skate one last time.

However, the Gerald Ford precedent exists. One of the first things that Ford did when becoming president was to pardon his predecessor, Richard Nixon, for various crimes surrounding the Watergate scandal. The move was controversial at the time and likely cost Ford reelection in 1976. But in retrospect, the decision has come to be regarded as statesmanlike, having placed the acrimony of Watergate in the rear view mirror and spared the country the horror of a former president in the dock. Besides, plenty of lower level officials went to jail for the scandal that blighted the last two years of the Nixon presidency.

Hillary Clinton is nearly 70 and is thought to be in ill health. The defeat of her decades-long ambition to be president is not likely to have improved her. If she is sent to jail, she is not likely to last for very long.

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She has enough supporters who will fight her incarceration tooth and nail to make President Trump wonder whether the matter is worth it. If Obama does not pardon her, perhaps Donald Trump could.

Besides, plenty of people at Team Clinton and in the Obama government, particularly at Justice and in the IRS, are primed for prosecution. No mercy should be given to those who abused their office and violated the civil rights of Americans for profit or political gain. Let folks like Huma Abedin and Lois Lerner serve as examples and fill the jails. Perhaps it is time to let the Clintons fade into that good night, their legacy in tatters.