It can be said that Kanye West (39) suffered a temporary psychosis because of deprivation of sleep and dehydration. We must add mental health problems such as paranoia, stress and anxiety, which worsened the situation. The rapper must be hospitalized for more days than initially expected. His family wanted him to come home to spend Thanksgiving together, but obviously the doctors did not approve. His wife Kim Kardashian was at his side during this time, but she is sad and worried about her husband.

Especially because she doesn't know how to treat the issue in front of their children North (3) and Saint (1).

A 'Kardashian Kurse'?

One theory says that every man who romantically relates to a Kardashian woman will fall into disgrace. For example: Scott Disick (33) became an alcoholic after forming a partnership with Kourtney Kardashian (37). Lamar Odom (37) had serious problems with drugs after marrying Khloe Kardashian (32). Bruce Jenner (67) became a woman after divorcing Kris Jenner (61), who was previously married to Robert Kardashian (1944-2003).

Bruce is now called Caitlyn Jenner and fights for the rights of transgender people.

Mental problems

Doctors say that West's mental problems are so important that the insurance policy has to be held financially responsible for the cancellation of concerts. 'Yezzus' spent Thanksgiving in the hospital because it was the best thing for him. His wife was by his side and then she spent some time with her family and her children.

North and Saint do not know anything about what's happening to their father, they simply believe he is working, Kim wil tell them the whole truth later, perhaps.

The Kardashian family probably could not fully enjoy their Thanksgiving festivities on account of what is happening to Kanye. Apparently, the music mogul is slowly recovering, and doctors prefer to wait and see how he responds. After he leaves the hospital, West will have the challenge of remaining the same artist, but also of possibly making some lifestyle changes for his own health, as well as the health of his family.

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