I'm currently a student at Georgetown University. Like many other students, I was horrified by the result when #Donald Trump won the election for all the reasons that surround a candidate as despicable as he is. But life goes on, even in the wake of this awful election. I attended my weekly tutoring session on Wednesday at Brightwood for GUMSHOE, an organization that I have been proud to be a part of since my sophomore year.

My Experience at Brightwood.

I've tutored at the elementary school long enough to know and recognize a lot of the students there. And the students recognize me too! I'm a little hard to miss at 6'4 and it probably doesn't hurt that I enjoy playing games with them outside of tutoring.

But what did hurt me today was a conversation I had with one of the students after getting hurt in the gym.

And what did that conversation consist of? It started with some general remarks about the U.S. election. Every single student I spoke to expressed disbelief that a man like Donald Trump could be president when he's such an awful person. All explanations came up short after one student poked a hole in any theory that someone looking to justify a Trump presidency would utilize.

A Student Afraid for His Future.

I'll reserve the name of the student for his privacy, but I will never forget what he said. He first asked me about my parents and their names. I then followed up with some questions about his parents. The 7 year old second grader was born in the U.S., but his father had immigrated to the country from Mexico.

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His mother was born in the U.S.

Now think about what Trump had suggested earlier in the election cycle. He claimed that millions of immigrants would be deported and a huge wall would be built around Mexico. What happens to this young student? His father would have to go back to Mexico. His mother would lose her husband and try to care of multiple children in the United States. And the life that the family had managed to build for itself in the U.S.? It would come crashing down.

But he can't be the only young student in the same situation. If Trump does follow through on his deportation process then he will be building a wall not just along the border but also between families. He might have been elected president, but it is now the job of the American people to ensure that Trump's proposed deportation measures can never come to fruition. #Election 2016