"Drain the Swamp, drain the swamp...!"

These words (meaning eliminate waste and corrupter's of government) was the mantra that trump supporters shouted at his every stop, along with “Lock her up”, and the now world famous, “Build the wall”. There are whispers of mild chaos behind the scenes during transitioning which is likely only media embellishments, but what is known is that Trump needs to keep two promises; find/keep people “good” like Carl Icohn and secondly, get rid of the status quo politicians who are seen as the reason that government and America are in such disarray. Therefore, the choosing of Chris Christie made many who voted for Trump uneasy, which may be in part why he was replaced by Pence.

Likewise, talks of Rudy Gulliani in high position seems to be true, which also sits uneasily with some. While he was America's mayor during the 9/11 attacks, his ideas also lead to a war that we are still knee deep in 16 years later, as Trump said. Ben Carson has said the most illogical statement of the post-election season by saying that he felt that he was unqualified to be on the cabinet or to serve an official post. The man who was briefly leading in polls to be president isn't qualified to serve a president? That will haunt him, should he again run in 2020.

With that in mind, just who should we see Trump choose? Well, the first two names are Ron and/or Rand Paul. It was Ron Paul, who himself may not admit this due to differences that do exist, who most of Trump's success can be tied to due to Ron's years of loyal and Constitutionally rooted service and a solid following of libertarians.

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Both Paul's are for peace and sound money, both vital Trump promises. Also, any position that deals with taxes would be perfect for either of them, just net search “Rand chainsaw” if this is doubted.

Justin Amash would be a wise Trump choice

Then there is the best member of Congress, Justin Amash. Amash is “new Ron Paul” (sorry Rand, you watered the message down) and he shows this by posting all of his votes on social media along with why he voted as he did, always. He is the strongest voice for Constitutional adherence in all of Congress, and he is that “new blood” that we were promised. Trump would be wise to notice this young man.

The Donald could also choose to bring in Walter E. Williams, perhaps the best economic mind extant today. Williams has views that actually would have made him a better leader than Trump himself, had he chosen the burden of running. The economy would flourish under Williams, it would be a new face (even though Williams is 80), and since he has not served in politics prior he would not be seen as the standard fare.

He is known to many as “Rush's fill in”, so many people know and trust the man. This would be Trump's best option.

Could Judge Napalitano be a swamp drainer?

For the Supreme Court, the best option hands down is Judge Napalitano. Trump has promised a man with morals, wisdom, and a Constitutional mindset as his choice. These words epitomize Napalitano who is already well known to America via Fox News. A moderate is anathema to swamp draining, so choosing “The Judge” would the best way for Trump to keep his word.

Lastly, we keep hearing Amorosa as a name for press related posts, and while she is a solid choice, Katrina Pierson would be a smarter choice. She has been by Trump's side regardless of what arrow was shot at him. She often explains his stance better than he does and after all, loyalty and a job well done matter to Trump. That is “Hurricane Katrina” in every way. She did amazing speaking for him for the last two years and she should continue in such a role.

There are other choices that many have named, but this is for sure; in order for the swamp to be drained, people who have caused the swamp's rot like Christie are not a welcomed addition and will only hurt Trump once in office. Otherwise, Trump will find that the swamp is on the White House lawn. Then we will be chanting, “Mow the lawn!” instead.